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Causes of World War One

The first world war began on August 14th, 114. It was triggered by the assassination of the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Chotek duchess of Hohenberg at 1115 on June 8th, 114. They were assassinated bythe Black Hand, Serbian Nationalist Gavrilo Princip. The war wasnt started until about a month after the assassination and the archduke and his wife. This incident was what ignited the spark to the greatest and deadliest was known to man up until that time. After this assassination one thing had led to another, and soon enough it created a world level war, leaving about 10 million troops dead. The four main causes in which were held responsible for this were the forming on Alliances, Nationalism came into play, Imperalism was a big part, and lastly militarism.What is this war? It is mud, trenches, blood, rats, lice, bombs, pain, barbed wire, decaying flesh, gas, death, rain, cats, tears, bullets, fear and a loss of faith in all that we once believed in. Otto Dix

Firstly, an alliance is an agreement made between two or more countries to provide help for eachother if it is needed. When an alliance is signed, those countries become known as allies. Alliances were formed to make two groups. These groups were better known as the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. The Triple Alliance (Central Powers) consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. And the Triple Entente (Allies) consisted of Britain, France, and Russia. It was thought at first that alliances would promote peace, since each country would be protected by others in case of war, making it foolish for one country to declare war on another.But this statement is wrong!Alliances cause such a HUGE problem since if one of the allies were to attack one of the central powers or vice versa then all of the countries that were part of the allies of central powers would also be forced to fight, causing maybe a little problem into a HUGE world war. In the case of world war one the attack on Serbia forced all of its allies to come to its defense and fight with them. As you can tell thats why the war was on such a high level, since all of the other countries were forced to fight the battle also.


Secondly, Nationalism was a big part of world war one, the belief that loyalty to a persons nation and its political and economic goals comes befor any other public loyalty. During the 1800s nationalism got ahold of the people who shared a common language, history, or culture. This is what led to the creation of two new powers- Italy and Germany. Worse case scenario nationalism weakened the eastern European empires of Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Ottoman Turkey, This was a problem because these empires ruled national groups that strived for independance.

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