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Network and Telecommunication Concepts

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A mesh topology is a network topology that has at least two nodes with two or more paths between them. The advantage is that if a node fails or is busy then there is alternate path traffic can be routed to. The disadvantage is the cost since this requires the extra equipment.

A horizontal bus is when all nodes are connected by a single bus or line. This allows every node to receive every transmission. The disadvantage to this topology is that if the bus fails all communications are down.

A Ring topology consists of every node has two branches to it, a receiving branch and a sending branch. As the name implies all nodes are connected in a ring. The advantage is that it rarely suffers from bottlenecks and is easily implemented. The disadvantage is that if the branch between nodes fails then the network is down.

A star topology consists of a central node that receives a transmission from any peripheral node and retransmits that signal to all the nodes including the original broadcaster. The advantage is that if you lose one node the rest of the network still works. The disadvantage is if you lose the central node the network is down. It is also prone to bottlenecks.

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Ethernet is a Protocol standard fro transmitting 10 mbps. Xerox originally developed it. An Ethernet LAN utilizes RG-58 Coax, Category 5 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and or Fiber Optics.

An advantage to this network is that is usually very fast, probably the least expensive to implement and extremely reliable. The disadvantage is the setup can be difficult.

Token ring networks pass a token around the network. If the peripheral has the token it can transmit its signal. The token only sits on the peripheral for a limited amount of time.

The advantage is that network traffic is predictable meaning that it can be calculated how long it takes a token to pass through the network. It makes it ideal for factory automation. The disadvantage is that if the sending device fails its sending device may continue to circle the frame essentially locking up the network. There is error handling in place for such things but this puts a lot of traffic on the network to monitor this type of thing. This network is expensive and is not as fast as Ethernet.

Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FIDDI) is used as the high-speed backbone of most large networks. It has the greatest bandwidth and allows for the longest runs. Its primarily transmission media is Fiber Optics but in certain instances can include copper.

The advantage of FIDDI is that is does not emit electrical signals so it cannot easily be tapped. It is immune to EMI and RFI. Unlike Copper, which limits the distance between stations, Fiber can exist between stations approximately miles apart using multimode fiber and longer fore single mode. The disadvantage of FIDDI is that it is costly to install and maintain.

Wireless Networking utilizes radio frequencies to connect two devices. The advantage is no wiring needs to be in place to connect to the network. The big disadvantage it is not secure and you are open to Hacking.






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