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Images in advertising are often geared towards a male audience with females being objectified as powerless, passive, and the subject of male gaze. The image I have chosen personifies females with characteristics of weakness and gives the male viewer a feeling of power. Also, the females in the image are provocatively dressed and are portrayed as powerless and falling over a male who not only has the car, but the money to purchase the after-market items for it. The focus will be directed mainly on the role of advertising institutions in shaping the male subject and it’s objectification of females in the images they produce.

Large institutions need to advertise their products in order to sell and realize profit. Before looking at the subject of female objectification, we must look at advertising, and it’s use of images in creating the “spectator”(Sturken and Cartwright,001,pp.7). “The spectator is a subject which has his/her ideology shaped and constructed through ideology”(Sturken and Cartwright,001,pp.74). My image focuses on the male subject and how the image in the advertisement focuses mainly on attracting the attention of the male and shaping their minds. In most cases, advertisement follows “discourses”(Sturken and Cartwright, 001, pp.???) present in today’s society which is geared towards the male viewer and less towards satisfying the female viewer. Advertisers shape and construct the minds of males to think that females have less power than they do, and they do this through the way they present these images.

The spectator is given the power to “gaze”(Sturken and Cartwright, 001, pp.76)at the image, and in this case, the male subject is the one instilled with this power. The females in the image are put in positions were they show no power and are placed in negative stereotypical roles. “The women are the objects of the male gaze, and their returning looks are accorded no power in the image.”(Sturken and Cartwright, 001, pp.0). The females in the image are in provocative clothing and are in a position of frailty. The male viewer sees this and feels a sense of power, they have the ability to look at these women and fascinate and dream about them without being scrutinized. Males are given the “gaze” of power and the females are the ones being gazed at. Today’s contemporary advertising focuses on gender codes in selling products and this is especially true in the car aftermarket parts industry.

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