Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Humanities need to have luxeries

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New equipment and products are being manufactured every day, many of which are contributing to the destruction of our environment. There are many ways in which our society could reduce the damage to our environment, but our desire for comforts and luxuries is too great. Cars pollute the air, generating electricity creates harmful fumes, and chemicals in many products are destroying the ozone layer. Our craving for comforts as demonstrated in our overuse of cars and electricity is leading to the destruction of the ozone layer, and is not only hurting our families but also other species and the environment in which we live.

Cars contribute greatly to the pollution of our world and we should be looking for energy efficient forms of transportation. It has been etched into our minds that cars are a necessity in life, but this mode of transportation is destroying our world. The environment would greatly benefit if we walked, biked, or car-pooled more often. Studies show that our personal transportation generates 6% of the world’s pollution problems, creating contaminated water, air pollution, and greenhouse gases. The polluted water harms aquatic species, and greenhouse gases are slowing changing weather patterns which affect crops and species in all geographical areas. If people do not realize soon how our cars are affecting our environment, it may be too late to repair the problems.

Our large demand for electricity is another comfort that harms our environment. It is used for many luxuries in our homes, such as lights, air conditioners, and washing equipment. The plants that generate electricity work twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to produce electricity for our busy and technological based lives. Pollution from coal energy plants cause acid rain and global warming, while nuclear power plants create hazardous waste that pollutes lakes and harms the environment. We need to start using less electricity, and find a better way of conserving it before our sky is filled with smog and our crops are ruined by acid rain.


The third problem being created by our luxuries and comforts is the destruction of our ozone layer. The ozone layer protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, and without it, almost all life on earth would perish. This thin layer of atmosphere is very easily damaged, and the products we use everyday are creating harmful holes in it. Items we use today like refrigerators, air conditioners, and some plastics contain chemicals that when released into the atmosphere slowly wear down the ozone layer. Holes in the ozone effect plant life, and harm humans and animals. Our ozone layer is essential to our being, and we need to stop using unessential things that harm it.

In conclusion, our luxuries and comforts are contributing to the destruction of our environment. Our cars create greenhouse gases, we over use electricity, and unnecessary chemicals are damaging the ozone layer. We need to realize quickly what our technology is doing to our surroundings, and eliminate unneeded pollution and chemicals by changing the way we live our lives.

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