Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am lucky!

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I can be considered lucky because I have almost fallen off a cliff, got chased out into oncoming traffic, fell out of a 50 foot bush, and jumped out of a moving car and still survived. Out off all those incidents I never got hit or near death. I also came out with only nd degree cuts and burns also. Many of those times I came close to getting seriously hurt or killed. None of those times though I got anything broken or needed stitches.

I am lucky because I survived almost falling off a cliff. My sister, Billy, and I decided to go slide down the cliff to swim. So we walked down to the area, we had noticed it said no trespassing, because it was dangerous. We went anyways and as usual we slid down the cliff. We got bored and decided to walk around the top of it. So we were walking around it and all of a sudden I slipped and started falling. My sister noticed and said hold on I will go get Billy.

So she went to go get Billy while I was hanging off the side. At the time I was only 8 and weighed very little, so when I slipped and caught a hold of a piece of weed sticking out of the ground it held me. So there I was dangling over the cliff. My palms were sweating so I couldn’t grip the weed very well. I waited there for five minutes but it felt like an eternity.

I looked down and there was nothing but green trees sticking up like little spikes. I started to slip because the weed had broken. Slowly like an antagonize dream I started to slip. I yelled for help. I managed to catch the edge nothing left but air around me. One hand slipped my heart pounding. I tried to yell for help again but I lost my voice. Suddenly I heard Billy. “Were is he Deidre,” he asked. She broke out in tears yelling “I don’t know I don’t know.” I managed to yell help.” Just as I let go of the side he grabbed my arm. He pulled me up making sure not to let go.


In addition to surviving almost falling off a cliff I am lucky because I didn’t get hit when I was chased into oncoming traffic. When I was ten I went with my cousin Nicole to watch my sister fight another girl. I had just come back from playing baseball with Nicole. As I watched my sister beat up the girl, the girl’s boyfriend showed up with his friends. After the fight the boys went after my sister and hit her. I didn’t know what to do, so I took my baseball bat and started swinging at their heads like they bop its. I beat them up with the baseball bat, then one of them managed to get it.

I saw them get up, and I ran. My cousin Nicole took down two of them. I took one of there bikes and started to ride it. They came out in front of me and I pulled the bike into traffic. I got up to the light and stopped but they were right behind me. So I took a chance and raced across almost getting hit at least 10 times. I rode for a mile down the street, and stopped at a Kroger’s. They seen me and I got chased around the store. Then I took the bike and once more got chased into traffic. A police officer saw them and got his car and chased them down.

I took the bike and dropped it right there on the in them middle of the main road. I ran back to where Nicole and Deidre were. They had left, and so had the people that got beat up. I walked home and saw them their. And told them what had happened. We all had a good laugh and went on.

Besides not getting hit when I was chased into oncoming traffic I survived a fifty-foot drop. I was climbing a bush that had grown as tall as a tree. My sister, my cousin Brittany, and I were climbing a tree. They always were able to get close to the top. So I decided I would climb to the top. They went into get a drink. Before they got in I stuck my head through the top and yelled, “ Hey I made it.” They laughed and walked in. As I climbed down a branch broke and I started falling headfirst. I had my hands extended and yelling as the wind rushed through my body.

As I started to fall I managed to get half way turned around. I hit a branch knocking the air out of me. It had felt as if someone took a slug hammer and hit me in the stomach. I had turned back to my feet. I hit the last branch breaking it. It took me a second to get my breath back. My back was all scratched up and bleeding. I crawl my way inside. Yelling for my grandma. She sees me on the floor bleeding. She picks me up and carries me up the stairs. She pores peroxide on it. It burns at first. But then I get better. I put my shirt back on and go back and play.

After falling out of a tree I am still lucky because I jumped out of a moving car. It was 10 at night. And I wanted to go back to the vocation house. But it was down the street and I didn’t want to walk. Some people my sister had met offered to give me a ride home. So I got in the car. Not know the driver was high or drunk.

They pulled out and hit the curb. Right then I knew there was something wrong and I said I wanted out. They said relax we will be there in a second. I thought about it and decided I should get out. By the time I realized it they were making there way around a tree surrounded by concrete. I figured if I was going to go it was now or never. So I opened the car door and jumped.

Since the car door was open it got smashed when it hit the tree. They hit the curb and thought they had ran over me. I was lying on the ground laying in blood because I rolled through rocks at 0 mph. I stood up, Soaked in blood. At first no one could see me because the car was blocking their view.

My sister though I was hit and open the passenger side beating the heck out of the driver. I walked around numb at first from shock. She said I needed to get home. She couldn’t go with me because she was scared what would happen to her if she were there with me when I walked in. So I walked and in five minutes the pain kicked in.

I crawled the rest of the way. I walked in and my grandma grabbed me and ran me up stairs. Rinsing the blood off me it wasn’t as bad as it had appeared. I had two big scraps on my shoulders, elbows, knees, and hands. Then next day I went with my brother and we played out in the ocean. The salt water burned like alcohol. But it helped by cleaning and scabbing it. I still have the scar on my right shoulder from it. And that’s why I consider myself to be lucky.

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