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"What's eating Gilbert Grape"

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“What’s eating Gilbert Grape” Essay

“The film ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ is about change, discuss.”

Lasse Hallstrom’s film ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ is primarily about change, both within the Grape family and the whole town of Endora. In this film, in which nothing actually seems to happen and looks as thought it ends where it began, we see some clear changes within the characters. Some of them go through a long, hard journey to fight for their lives and encounter a change. The director implies that Becky is used as a catalyst, both for Gilbert and Arnie.

At the beginning of the film we see that Gilbert is ashamed of his family. When some kids try to sneak a look at Gilbert’s fat momma, he gives them a boost so they can see. He also refers to his mum as a “whale”, secretly re-enforces the floor because her obesity has caused it to nearly collapse and has to deal with the embarrassment of Arnie climbing the water tower. Gilbert feels trapped in Endora. He feels like he has no escape from this small town where everything he has ever known is. At the start of the film when Gilbert is narrating, he tells of his older brother who “got away” and you can almost sense jealousy in his tone of voice. Betty Carver quotes, “I knew you’d always be here” when she tries to explain why she wanted to be with Gilbert and not her husband. Arnie often says how they’re “not going anywhere” which ultimately drives Gilbert to his wits end.

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The major change in Gilbert’s life is the arrival of Becky and her grandmother. They arrive in Endora because their trailer breaks down. Becky becomes trapped in

Endora, much like Gilbert and his family. Becky is a very down-to-earth person who treats everyone as equals and she doesn’t expect anything major from anyone. Becky and Gilbert often have quite deep conversations about life and the things going on around them. In one conversation Becky asks Gilbert what he wants. Gilbert’s response is, “A new house for the family, Momma to take aerobics classes, Ellen to grow up, and a new brain for Arnie.” Becky then insists on what he wants and he replies with “I want to be a good person.” His response devalues himself and shows his need to do better.

A very important part in the film is where Gilbert “explodes” while trying to bath Arnie. Symbolism is used here where in a previous scene Gilbert is blowing up a red balloon (red representing anger/frustration) and it explodes, like Gilbert with Arnie. We see a clear difference in the way Gilbert handles this situation with Arnie, who refuses to get into the bath. Normally Gilbert is very passive but this time he shows pure anger. It is important to notice that both Gilbert and Arnie seek out Becky after this incident. They see her as comfort and warmth. Gilbert then returns home and makes peace with Amy, Ellen and Arnie. He then introduces Becky to Momma, assuring her that he is not ashamed of her.

When Momma decides to return to her bed upstairs, the whole Grape family get a shock. The conversation between Gilbert and Momma is one of reconciliation. Momma refers to Gilbert as her “knight in shimmering armour” and immediately they are at peace with each other. The burning of the old house represents a new life for the Grape family. Although Momma is no longer with them, it seems as though the family have re-united with one another Arnie helps move the furniture out of the house and Ellen seems to soften a bit too.

Arnie heavily relies on Gilbert at the beginning of the film. He needs Gilbert to bath him, dress him and get him into bed. A clear change in Arnie would be the way he looks at death. He dealt with the death of his father and the grasshopper very differently to the death of his mother (he over-reacted to the death of the grasshopper). He dealt with his mother’s death a little bit quieter and more peaceful, almost to the extent that he wasn’t totally aware of what was going on at first.

Arnie also became a lot more independent at the end of the film. Becky influenced this. Arnie isn’t seen as a burden to Gilbert anymore in the furniture scene. Arnie helps move the furniture instead of causing havoc (like when he runs around the house and destroys his birthday cake) and getting in everyone’s way. He also chooses to go and see Becky when Gilbert lashes out at him. This shows he is capable of making his own decisions of what to do in a situation like that, instead of just sitting in the bathroom feeling sorry for himself.

Maturity was another change seen in Arnie. He becomes more self-dependant and starts to understand the difference between right and wrong. In the party scene Arnie wears more mature clothes (shirt and tie) compared to, what seemed, quite childish clothes throughout the earlier parts in the film. When Arnie “makes up” with Gilbert he hits him because Gilbert hit Arnie when he lashed out. This shows that Arnie isn’t as dependent on Gilbert anymore and can stand up for himself.

A change is also seen in Momma. When Gilbert introduces the viewers to his family and home, we see Momma just sitting on the couch not really aware of what it going on. Everything in the house must come to her; she does not go to it. Although, when Arnie is arrested for climbing the water tower she demands that she goes to the jail to bail him out. This comes as a shock to the Grape family but they agree. The reaction of the public at the sight of Momma was quite a shock to her. It made her realise that she has become something quite “entertaining” to people. When Momma walks up the stairs to what can be portrayed as her “death bed” you can almost imagine that she is giving her last ounces of energy into the steps up the stairs. Instead of not bothering to do anything she tries to show her family that she is strong and can do it, but she is also aware of the consequences that follow.

Endora also goes through some changes with the introduction of “Burger Barn.” Endora is a town where not a lot seems to happen, much like the people that live there. There aren’t many things to do, apart from perhaps have an ice cream or visit the grocery store where Gilbert works. Burger Barn shows a new lease of life for Endora, which is first seen as the “ENDora of the line.”

So in this film that doesn’t seem to resolve much but actually does, we can clearly see as viewers that many of the main characters go through quite drastic changes in the way they look and feel about life, even though they don’t all survive at the end. Therefore it is also clear to see the Lasse Holstrom’s film ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ is primarily about change, both within the Grape family and the whole town of Endora.

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How does Black music and culture function as a part of American Popular culture?

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I think that the question suggests the enormity of the range and scope of the African-American experience in the New World over the last several hundred years and of his African ancestors before that. In order to address the question we must examine the nature of a couple of things. One of those is certainly what it is we mean when we say “Black” in the context of music and in the context of America and in the context of American music. I find it curiously intriguing that the question does not use the term “Black Music.” I suspect this is quite deliberate, as it invites us to ask, as Stuart Hall (1) cagily queries “What is this “Black” in Black Popular Culture?” Our mission here is similar, to wit what is this “Black” in American music? (pun unintended but acceptable).

The question hints at whether we can distinguish the validity of something called “Black music,” and if so, how are we to identify it? It also gets at whether “Black Music,” if it exists, is the same or something different than “American music.” Does it exist as a sub-genre of American music but is something separate and equal? (or unequal?). Or, is to speak of Blackness as “an aesthetic marker” in American music to “mark” American music as Africanized? It seems we must consider the African-Americanization of African music on the one hand, and the Africanization of American music on the other. These issues are as intriguing to consider as they are complex. To ponder them is to appreciate the elusive nature of an extended late-era John Coltrane solo, potentially inexhaustible in its polytonality (reference points) and motifs (themes). Coltrane never got to the end of a solo, at least not in the studio, but at some point, he simply had to quit playing after he reached the end of the recording time. Given the scope of our concerns, time and space do not seem enough to fully address everything that we might want to consider, but I will address these issues as thoroughly as I can without continuing to the end of recorded time.

Let me return for a moment to Hall (Hall, Stuart 1 “What is this “Black” in Black Popular Culture” in Black Popular Culture. Gina Dent, ed.), who suggests that “the people of the black diaspora have…found the deep form, the deep structure of their cultural life in music.” Further, that “there are deep questions here of cultural transmission and inheritance, and of the complex relations between African origins and the irreversible scatterings of the Diaspora (Hall 7).” This suggests a number of things. Hall correctly points to Africa in order to begin to identify Black cultural products in America. There are issues of cultural inheritance and transmission that have been well documented in the scholarly literature, as well as the complexity and diversity of the geographical locations and cultural manifestations this inheritance has produced in “the irreversible scattering of the Diaspora,” or what Paul Gilroy refers to as “the Black Atlantic.”

In examining the scope and nature of Black music, we must consider certain processes, including

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selective appropriation, incorporation, and rearticulation of European ideologies, cultures, and institutions, alongside an African heritage [which led to] linguistic innovations in rhetorical stylization of the body, forms of occupying an alien social space, heightened expressions, hairstyles, ways of walking, standing, and talking, and a means of constituting and sustaining camaraderie and community (Hall 8).

What we must consider here is that when we speak of “Black” in the context of anything American, we speak of a syncretized process, perhaps more appropriately understood when we use the term “African-American.” This term points to the concern with origins and cultural inheritances that have been mapped out in cultural terms, and which suggests things that we might look at in determining, to return to my earlier question, “What is this Black in American music.” We must consider too, why Hall chooses to emphasize music as most representing “the deep form, the deep structure of their cultural life” when he speaks of the Black Diaspora. Hall’s query collapses two independent queries into one what do we mean by “Black?” And why is Black culture most represented by expression in music? Do these two inquiries point in the direction of something we can come to know as “Black Music?” I suggest that this is the case, but others have also suggested it.

H. E. Krehbiel (Afro-American Folkssongs. 114, Erich M. von Hornbostel, (“American Negro Songs,” Int. Rev. Missions. 16) and Melville J. Herskovits (The Myth of the Negro Past, 141) represent three early and important points of reference establishing both the prominence of music and the importance of an African heritage in African-American culture. There are many other examples (I think Richard Waterman’s articles “Hot Rhythm in Negro Music,” Journal of the American Musicological Society, 148, and “On Flogging a Dead Horse Lessons Learned from the Africanisms Controversy,” Ethnomusicology 16, are especially critical) but we’ll look at only a few; certainly these three bear examination because of their historical precedent.

Herskovits dispels the notion that the American Negro is a man without a past, writing that

it is seen that the African past is no more to be thought of as having been thrown away by those of African descent than it is to assume that the traits that distinguish Italians or German or Old Americans or Jew or Irish or Mexicans or Swedes from the entire population of which they form a part can be understood in their present forms without a reference to a preceding cultural heritage (Herskovits ).

Herskovits argues eloquently for evidence of African retentions in African-American culture and provides a summation (important for our purposes here) of the earlier contributions of Krehbiel and Hornbostel. Herskovits also articulates a critical observation with respect to Black American culture, writing that “Its has long been held that the principal contribution of the Negro to the culture of the Americas, and most particularly to the culture of the United States, lies in the expression of his musical gift (Herskovits, 61).” More will be said of this observation later, and many others will make it, the point being that despite other cultural attributes that the African may have brought with him to the United States, music was considered the most important, and the most important for American culture. First however, the music of the Negro slave had to be recognized as comprising something distinctly and substantially African rather than something European.

As Herskovits summarizes, Krehbiel most clearly and vigorously expressed the opinion that “Africa was to be looked to for an explanation of [Negro music’s] essential characteristics (Herskovits 6)” in what had become a controversial debate regarding the derivation � African or European � of Negro religious songs. Krehbiel’s writing -- which looked for instance, at the use of scales and of the “rebellious” approach to fourths and sevenths in the diatonic major scale and to the fourth, sixth and seventh of the minor scale -- only suggested serious differences in the way Africans approached the performance of European music and hinted at an African explanation. Hornbostel later brought a new critical perspective to the conversation by observing the use of “leading lines sung by a single voice, alternating with a refrain sung by a chorus (Herskovits 6),” suggesting to him that “in the United States the Negroes have evolved a real folk music which, while neither European nor African, is an expression of the African musical genius for adaptation that has come out under contact with foreign musical values (Herskovits 6).” Hornbostel, writes Paul Oliver, (Paul Oliver, Max Harrison and William Bolcom. The New Grove Gospel, Blues and Jazz, 186) was the first scholar to hear Black music both in African and America, and his 16 finding “made an important distinction between transcriptions of spirituals and their performance by American Blacks (Oliver 6).”

This recognition of the call-response pattern, an critical aspect of African music making, was enough, according to convince Hornbostel that something new occurred as a result of African and European syncretization, and that these things could perhaps be observed and codified, that they were tangible and salient in Negro culture. Christopher Small (Christopher Small. Music of the Common Tongue. 187) fleshes out the picture for us, writing that by the time slaves were converted to Christianity in the mid-1750’s, “at least some of the slaves were singing psalms, and it is strongly to be inferred that they were singing them in their own way (Small 8).” Small documents in detail “the musicking of black people, as well as of the alarm felt by some white clergy at discovering that their way of singing was finding its way into white religious practices also (Small 8),” so that by the time Hornbostel wrote his findings in 1, African-musical practice in a European idiom was well established, including “their heightened rhythmic sense and their penchant for call and response (Small, 0).”

Gena Dagel Caponi (“The Case for an African American Aesthetic,” in Signifying, Sanctifying’ and Slam Dunking. A Reader in African-American Expressive Culture, Gena Caponi, ed. 1) suggests that, even though Herskovits did not conduct his own extensive study of African music (nor did Krehbiel), he nonetheless helped bring about broader discussion of continuities between African and African-American music, including three hallmarks of African music the call-and-response pattern, the integration of song and dance and the prominence of the rhythmic element (Caponi 1 18).

Waterman’s 16 article “On Flogging a Dead Horse,” was critical in summing up what had come before him, and in observing, from a musician’s perspective, several critical aspects African musical practice together and providing detailed musicological analysis to suggest how they comprise aspects of African-American music making, and offering his now infamous commentary that, obviously, (and I paraphrase) Negro slaves were not blind, paralytic deft mutes. Clearly, he intended here to make the point that Herskovits made, that African immigrants carried traits of their culture with them as surely as did immigrants from other lands, so that it should not be surprising to find retentions of African musical aesthetics in African-American musical practice � what began to be referred to as “Africanisms.” Among the musical traits he identifies are call-and-response, a sense of operating in complex musical time that he refers to as “Metronome sense, dense musical textures and a heightened use of rhythm and syncopation.

Leroy Jones (Blues People, 16) offers one of the first critical assessments of Black music making by an African-American , linking it to African musical practice but also providing a more expansive look at its development in the context of American culture and a reason why it has persisted. Jones, in fact uses music as a metaphor for those forces that produced the American Negro, arguing that “the development and transmutation of African music to American Negro music (a new music) represents to me this whole process in microcosm (Jones 8).” As he writes

Only religion (and magic) and the arts were not completely submerged by Euro-American concepts [after slavery]. Music, dance, religion, do not have artifacts as their end products, so they were saved. These nonmaterial aspects of the African’s culture were almost impossible to eradicate (Jones 16).”

Jones notes the emphasis on polyphonic or contrapuntal rhythmic effects as well as antiphonal singing techniques, the use of word games like “the Dozens” and folk tales, but he also suggests something more, that “the survival of the system of African music is much more significant than the existence of a few isolated and finally superfluous features. The notable fact is that the only so-called popular music in this country of any real value is of African derivation (Jones 8).” This last statement I find rather remarkable, for is suggests rather early on what had not been as yet fully acknowledged by music scholars, which is to say, the enormous role that African-American music-making had already had on the development of American popular music, most notably in the development and influence of ragtime, the blues and jazz not only on American music but American culture. Caponi (1), acknowledges a singular contribution of Jones’ viewing all Black music as culturally linked, and in insisting that “any form of African American music had to be studied in relation to all others and within a larger social context” (Caponi 1).

Jones articulates various points at which African-American expressive culture either emerges or is transformed through a variety of historical and social forces. At various points in his narrative he identifies points of dynamic stress, or rupture i.e., the Middle Passage, adaptation to bondage and to freedom, the massive migration from the South, adaptation to the urban city, social divisions based on class, privilege and education, the politics of nationalism versus assimilation, and discusses how these shaped the development of musical styles, particularly of the blues but also of the various genres which followed it; this development represents a continuum of an African aesthetic of music making which enabled blacks in the United States to make the spiritual transition from capture and slavery to freedom and aspiration in America with an intact historical and cultural referent which continued to define a sustaining and essentially African identity separate from that of the European.

Blues songs, particularly of the rural south, are rich depositories of double-meaning and messages intended only for a certain listener. Often, rural blues songs that may seem on the surface to be about sadness and defeat may actually convey quite opposite themes, so that these songs took on socio-political as well as cultural significance. Ames (Ames, Russell 17 [150] “Protest and Irony in Negro Folksong” in Mother Wit from the Laughing Barrel Readings in the Interpretation of Afro-American Folklore) argues that “defiance, endurance, action, and heroism, however, prevail in theme and mood despite the seeming passivity of the much song blues songs (Ames, 4).”

Instrumental blues such as that developed by New Orleans musicians, most prominently players like Louis Armstrong, Buddy Bolden and Joe King Oliver, used traits that had come to be long associated now with Black music, and which developed into what would become the distinctly Black form called jazz (the innovation of ragtime by Scott Joplin, which brought African sensibilities to European march music, would develop along somewhat different lines). The use of slurs, shaded tonal coloration, spontaneous improvisation and call/response, marked the music as distinctly black, but it would not be until the 140s with the development of bebop and the 160s, with the development of the Black Arts Movement and the development of so-called “Free Jazz” that the music would come to be associated with the Black push for social change rather than merely as entertainment. The music of the 160s especially became aligned with Black Nationalism, and it attempted to reject virtually every aspect of European musical aesthetics in favor a more radical approach � squawks, squeals, dispensing with chords and changes, polytonality, chaotic meters and clashing sonorities -- in order to further Africanize an African-American music. Writes Budds (Michael J. Budds, Jazz in the Sixties. 10).

The awareness of non-Western musical cultures by American jazz musicians was not a purely musical development. Extra-musical, sociological factors were of extreme importance to the jazz musicians’s investigation of exotic instruments and practices. Because of the new-found solidarity among blacks in America during the sixties and the newly defined alienation from White America resulting from it, American blacks begin to look to the Third World…with new interest. African was, of course, the primary interest (Budds 16).

Also in the 160s, Black protest songs became more openly critical and less hidden in terms of their meaning. As criticism became less obvious, one could argue that the need for subterfuge and for irony, (hallmarks of Black song from plantation songs to rap music) became less critical. One protest spirituals might contains the following phrases

Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me ‘round,

turn me ‘round, turn me ‘round

Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me ‘round,

gonna keep on walking, keep on walking

walking up to Freedom’s Land.

Later on, however, the lyrics would be changed to reflect a particular situation and address a specific oppressor, and with the following lyric

Ain’t gonna let Jim Crow, turn me ‘round, turn me ‘round, etc.

Soul music and funk of the 150s and 160s, begins to expose more overt and varied expressions of emotions, thoughts and attitudes of black Americans. And while it musically transformed the landscape of American pop, the oral ingenuity of its performers would not be eclipsed by the music. Many of the songs of James Brown during this period can be considered protest songs, but of a new, more assertive variety as well, including “Say It Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud” and “I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing [Open Up the Door, I’ll Get It Myself”], both militant, non-apologetic paeans to racial pride and black nationalism at a time when the some segments of society strongly resisted Afro-American efforts to overturn discriminatory Jim Crow laws in the Deep South. But Brown’s music in particular, and Southern music in general as exemplified in the recordings by Stax Studios and some of the Stax/Atlantic collaborations, were also marked as especially black because they featured less refined elements � a roughness, rawness and gospel intensity -- associated with vernacular Black music styles of the South, as opposed to Black music that had been refined for popular appeal, e.g., Motown and doowop. Stax studios, in fact, which was fairly antithetical to the more conservative Motown, became directly affiliated with Black nationalist politics when it sponsored an event in Los Angeles known as WattStax with the Rev. Jessie Jackson.

Portia K. Maultsby (“Africanisms in African-American Music” in Africanisms in American Culture, 10) underscores the importance of salient features in Black music as well as other cultural expressions, writing that “the continuum of an African consciousness in America manifests itself in the evolution of an African-American culture. The music, dance, folklore, religion, language, and other expressive forms associated with the culture of slaves were transmitted orally to subsequent generations of American blacks (Maultsby 185).”

Maultsby, like Jones, also critically observes (and here she draws from other scholars including Olly Wilson and J. H. Kwabena Nketia) that to discuss the retention of musical traits in American Blacks is not merely to discuss these in quantitative terms but in qualitative terms, that “Africanisms in African-American music extend beyond trait lists” and must be viewed in terms of creative processes and conceptual approaches to music-making. Here in fact, she is critical of the approaches of Waterman and Krehbiel and others for emphasizing the quantitative ways in which Black musical retentions can be observed and not the qualitative ones.

Among the concepts she stresses are a communal approach to music-making, style of delivery, manipulation of timbre, texture and tonal coloration, call-response structure and rhythmic complexity or rhythm “organized in multi-linear forms (Maultsby 1).” Further, An African approach to music-making ahs been translated from one genre to the next throughout African-American musical history…each genre is distinctly African-American because it is governed by the conceptual framework” which links performer and audience in terms of a unique delivery style (body movements, facial expressions, dress that accompanies the performative context), quality of sound (raspy timbres, heightened pitch and dynamic variation, use of “hollers” “moans” “hooting”) and a mechanics of delivery.

We can begin then, to identity not only specific musical characteristics of Black African music but an approach to the practice of music-making that can be definitively traced to the music of Black Americans. As Cornel West (“On Afro-American Popular Music Fro Bebop to Rap” in Sacred Music of the Secular City. Jon Michael Spencer, ed. 61 Spring 1), suggests, “Afro-American popular music constitutes a crucial dimension of the background practices � the ways of life and struggle � of Afro-American culture. By taking seriously Afro-American popular music, one can dip into the multileveled life-worlds of black people (West 8).”

We can, then point to certain musical traits that mark Black music, and that has had a transformative effect on American music. Benzon (17) provides a short-hand summary in arguing that “the cultural character of the United States of America has been dominated by two interacting cultural systems. One of these derives from Europe and the other from Africa (William L. Benzon. “Music Making History Africa Meets Europe in the United States of the Blues,” in Leading Issues in African-American Studies. Nikongo BaNikongo, ed. 17). Benzon argues the European system dominates in mattes of intellectual and scientific and political culture, but that

When we turn to expressive culture, matters are quite different. In some expressive domains, literature, architecture and perhaps even painting, the European influences have dominated through most of American history, But in other domains the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa have had a profound, even a determining, influence (Benzon 10).

But things are more complex than just pointing at European and African cultures and identifying what comes from where. Olly Wilson (“The Heterogeneous Sound Ideal in African-American Music,” in Signifying, Sanctifying’ and Slam Dunking. A Reader in African-American Expressive Culture, Gena Caponi, ed., 1) argues that “it is difficult to pinpoint precisely the essential qualities that make this music a part of a larger African or black American tradition” because “the music of black Americans exists within a larger, multicultural social context (Wilson 158).” Nonetheless, he also identifies the presence of underlying conceptual approaches to music that marks it as specifically Black no matter what genre of Black music is being discussed. This includes “a common approach to music making in which a kaleidoscopic range of dramatically contrasting qualities of sound (timbre) is sought after in both vocal and instrumental music,” what he refers to as “the heterogeneous sound ideal.” He also identifies

1) The organization of rhythm based on the principle of rhythmic and implied metrical contrast (Waterman’s “metronome sense”) that forms the basis for the tense, propulsive rhythmic element in jazz referred to as “swing” [and in other Black music, notably funk and hip hop].

) A percussive manner which stresses the use of accents.

) The tendency to create music with antiphonal structures.

4) Dense musical events within a short musical time frame.

5) Body motion as an integral part of the music making process

Rap music raises African-American orality to an unprecedented level of technical brilliance, but it is built upon all that has preceded it, and draws on a continuum of rhetorical aesthetic practice that begins with the birth of the American Negro, but extends further back in time to other shores. Rap music, in all its multiple sub-variations, did not create itself in a vacuum, nor can its complexity adequately be addressed in the absence of a particular socio-historical context. Rather, it must be viewed as an extension of an African and an African American vernacular oral aesthetic, and of a folkloric tradition in the United States that has continually revitalized itself in the crucible of hegemonic domination at virtually every socio-cultural level.

Rap music relies heavily on technology, particularly “New School” rap of the digital era. But rap nonetheless is a heavily oral practice, and as such, can be said to be part of Afro-American oral tradition, arguably, more so than some of the genres earlier discussed (e.g., the “love raps” of Isaac Hayes and Barry White), since rap music by its very nature foregrounds spoken word skill and artistry rather than have it act as a tangential, contextual zing technique in a song where there is also singing. Rose (Tricia Rose. Black Noise. Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America. 14) suggests that “the power of rapper’s voices and their role as storytellers ensured that rapping would become the central expression in hip hop culture (Rose, 55).”

To some degree, rap music draws upon every style of black musical and oral expression that precedes it. The “jive scat” of Cab Calloway, the heated monologues of soul singer Millie Jackson, the spontaneous oratory of the Sunday Sermon, black disc jockeys, pimps and oral performers like Malcolm X, and H. Rap Brown, all find continuity amid the successive ruptures (including the many smaller ruptures along the way) in African-American culture. Each rupture has interrupted the relative socio-cultural cohesion (enslaved Africans being from a variety of ethnic backgrounds but nonetheless sharing more cultural traits in common than not) of a large community; but that splintering has produced in each major instance, a flowering of new cultural forms. As Perkins (Perkins, William Eric, “The Rap Attack An Introduction,” in Droppin’ Science. Critical Essays on Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture. William Eric Perkins, ed 16.) astutely observes

The rap tradition has been nurtured on the accumulated and residual forms of African and African American music, verbal art, and personal style as well as the constant process of self-innovation within each of these elements. This cultural residue is the source of much of the strength and vitality of rap and African American culture (Perkins, 5).

But rap, more than being simply the newest link on the chain of black oral invention, has added new sonic strategies to the process of sound organization and musical representation, owing to the new array of technological devices available to them, including digital samplers, cross-faders and drum machines. Rose identifies three of these strategies as flow, layer and rupture, concepts that also appear in other aspects of hip-hop culture, including breakdancing and graffiti (Rose, 8).

In Rose’s description, flow refers to “an ability to move easily and powerfully through complex lyrics as well as the flow in the music,” in other words to orally deliver words dramatically, in rhyme and time, over the beat laid down by the DJ. The DJ, in turn, may layer by stacking sounds “literally one on top of the other, creating a dialogue between sampled sounds and words; rappers, on the other hand, may layer “by using the same word to signify a variety of actions and objects.”

Rupture, by comparison, indicates a break of the lyrical flow by the rapper, or the musical flow, by the DJ. The DJ may cause a rupture in the rhythmic flow of the music in a variety of ways, including scratching or by the injection of musical passages from another song. By his repetition of a word or a passage, for instance or by playing with vocal timing, a rapper may cause a rupture in the flow of a line, only to recapture it at a later point so that the flow is first broken, then continued. These ideas are particularly intriguing when viewed in light of the primary themes we have examined, namely, rupture and continuity as dominant tropes in the gradual development of Afro-American culture, in particular, oral vernacular forms of cultural expression. While we have seen that these themes function in ways that have allowed the continuation of an “ever same but ever changing” African-derived cultural identity in the midst of a succession of critical ruptures, in rap music they become reified as sonic strategies in the production of musical sound, or if you like, musically informed noise. Rose perhaps speaks to this best, in her observation that

Interpreting these concepts theoretically, one can argue that they create and sustain rhythmic motion, continuity, and circularity via flow; accumulate, reinforce, and embellish this continuity through layering; and manage threatens to these narratives by building in ruptures that highlight the continuity as it momentarily challenges it. These effects at the level of style and aesthetics suggest affirmative ways in which profound social dislocation and rupture can be managed and perhaps contested in the cultural arena (Rose, ).

Rap certainly has its antecedents in Black funk music, in verbal games and street poems, but it is a new point of musical department, as Rose suggests and Benzon affirms. Benzon notes that rap 1) employs musical collage which depends on extant records ) is the most insistently rhythmic of black genres, ) has the most elaborate lyrics 4) often substitutes anger for the sensuality which had been basic to earlier forms (Benzon 18).

Rap, argues Benzon, “is the most relentlessly and consciously Black, as in Not-White, form African America has produced. It is also the angriest (Benzon, 1).” Angry in that, certainly it was born in a climate of social chaos and despair. Cornell West (1) sees rap as the continuation of traditional black aesthetic values and musical practices, but with little contemporary contextualization except as a demeaned expression of the spiritual and material poverty of its adherents (Rose takes issue with this kind of analysis of rap). He locates black musical styles, including jazz, soul, funk, techno funk and rap, within a continuum he calls the “Afro-American spiritual-blues impulse” and its related practices “of polyphonic, rhythmic effects and antiphonal vocal techniques, of kinetic orality and affective physicality (West 8);” there is something explicitly uplifting, culturally sustaining and ultimately spiritual about this epic tradition of black creative expression, he suggests. But West posits rap music as “emblematically symptomatic of a shift in sensibilities and moods in Afro-America” even as he considers that it “recovers and revises elements of black rhetorical styles.” For West, this shift is fundamentally narcissistic and endemic of a youth-oriented culture that, having been essentially abandoned in the social, political and economic upheaval of the post-Civil Rights era, has lost a humanistic sense of itself and its own spiritual moorings. What he champions most in rap music is that it nonetheless appears to retain tradition, to wit, “the two major organic artistic traditions in black America � black rhetoric and black music (West ).”

Some of the most problematic expressions of newly emerging concepts of African American identity have come about with the creation of hip-hop culture, which Neal (Neal, Mark Anthony. Soul Babies. Black Popular Culture and the Post-Soul Aesthetic 00) regards as “most profound aesthetic movement in black popular music in the post-Civil Rights era (Neal, 16),” and one fueled “a distinct urban-based African American youth culture (Neal, 15)” with its own existential impulses and world-view. The music is, suggests Neal, “perhaps the first popular form of black music that offered little or not hope to its audience. The fatalistic experience has become a standard trope of urban-based hip-hop,” the rap song “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five being the clarion example of that bleak vision, a vision whose roots can be traced to the disintegrating social conditions and expectant life chances of young black youth as a result of the abandonment of the inner city beginning after the 168 urban riots.

Despite the fact that rap music has become part of the American popular culture mainstream, it continues to be “a black cultural expression that prioritizes black voices from the margins of urban America,” argues Rose (Rose 14 ). It follows in the aesthetic tradition of other Black expressive forms as “a form of rhymed storytelling accompanied by highly rhythmic, electronically based music (ibid),” but its stories also “continue to articulate the shifting terms of black marginality in contemporary American culture (Rose 14 ).” The age of digital technology has offered new creative strategies that have become part of the music, privileging flow, layering and ruptures in line as well as other aspects associated with the music, namely break dancing, graffiti art, style of dress and street poetry.

Rap can be analyzed in terms that explicitly relate to the hallmarks of African music-making as mentioned earlier, but rap music uses these in new and more complex ways as well as introducing new elements that have come about because of the technology. These practices, sampling for instance, and the use of low-sound frequencies in conjunction with sonic density and high levels of volume as aesthetic considerations, marks the music as a distinctly Black musical expression in the way that they are combined in production. Yet, as Rose argues, “the study of popular music has been quite inattentive to the specificity of black practices in the popular realm. There is a significant intellectual divide between the study of black music and the study of American popular music (Rose 8).”

To bring this to some sort of close, because we are now nearing the end of recorded time, we have identified both quantitative and qualitative elements that we can point to that marks the music of African-derived peoples as distinctly Black, or Africanized. These elements can not only be recognized in African-American music making, but in mainstream American popular music as well dating back for decades as Black approaches to music making have increasingly become absorbed into American music in general via spiritual, the blues, jazz and virtually every form of black musical expression. And it is difficult, I would argue, to separate much black music from political and social considerations in addition to its cultural aspects. If the personal is political, then African American music is deeply and irrevocably both. And while it is not the only cultural expression that points to � indeed sustains � Black identity in the broader American landscape, it is certainly the most potent, and as we have seen, it has been the most important in terms of its influence on American culture.

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"Education for leisure" by Caroline Duffy

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Answer the following questions on the poem ‘Education for Leisure’ by Carol Anne Duffy in the form of an essay

Why do you thin Duffy uses language in the way she does?

What effects do you think she wants to achieve, and how does she use language to achieve it?

How successful do you find the poem?

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In the poem ‘Education for Leisure’ Carol Anne Duffy used language in order do draw the reader into the mind of someone who seems to be a bit psychotic and allows the reader to explore someone elses mind. To begin with, the title, ‘Education for Leisure,’ implies that the poem is going to be based around the idea of maybe extra curricular activities. However this is contradicted by the picture of a knife beside the poem which suggests that there will be a more sinister direction to the poem. This is because knives often represent murder.

In the opening Stanza the use of short sentences by Duffy makes the poem seem more menacing and it also contributes to the reader feeling as though the are directly experiencing the thoughts of the narrator as they are going through his/her mind, ‘Today Im going to kill something. Anything.’ Duffy then uses pathetic fallacy in order to express the emotions of the reader, ‘It is an ordinary day, a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets.’ I think she does this in order to create an atmosphere for the reader to enter as they are drawn into the mind of the narrator.

Duffy places the reader directly into the mind of this potential killer, in the second stanza, as ‘I squash a fly against the window’ as ‘We did at school.’ The effect of this is that the reader begins to create a personal connection to the narrator and their sinister thoughts become our own. This is successful because by the end of the poem the reader is pulled out of the narrators mind and bought back to reality with a twist leaving he reader wondering how they could have been in the same frame of mind as the narrator. Also in the second stanza the narrator begins to show what he thinks of himself, ‘I breathe out talent‘. This is a metaphor for the narrators intelligence which relates back to the title of the poem, ‘Education for Leisure’, this tells the reader that the poem is going to be about the intelligence of the narrator. A type of intelligence that maybe cannot be taught but is invented within a persons mind. Lastly in the second stanza the narrator articulates his interpretation of murder as being ‘in another language’ and therefore makes the act of murder something a lot less sinister than it should be.

Short sentences are continually used throughout the poem and this continues to constantly express the direct chain of thought of the narrator thus keeping the reader in the narrators state of mind, ‘I am a genius.’ Also the use of assonance, ‘I could be anything at all’, gives the tone of the poem a more harsh edge. The effect of this is to illustrate the mood and tone of the narrators voice by creating harsh ‘a’ sounds. In the third stanza it seems as though the reader uses the act of killing in order to express how much of a ‘genius’ that the is, ‘The cat avoids me. The cat knows I am a genius, and has hidden itself.’ It is almost as though writer is trying to show that the narrator feels that in order to be a ‘genius’ a person has to be inferior to other living things so that they can feel the wrath of his intelligence. And by using them almost as a sacrifice to his ego he can see the greater good of his act, ‘I pour the goldfish down the bog. I pull the chain. I see that it is good.’ The effect of this is that the reader is wondrous as to how a min can work in such an obscure manner and is almost forced to read on in order to further explore the narrator mind. It is very obvious that by the end of stanza four that the narrator believes his intelligence is being ignored, ‘I walk two miles into town for signing on. They don’t appreciate my autograph.’

The narrator also attempts to tell people however ‘He cuts me off.’ The effect of this is that the reader begins to almost feel sympathetic towards the narrator. However from the point of view of the killer it seems as though his train of thought is not one that feels sorry for himself but now he feels that he has to prove his ‘genius’ to people I order to gain some sort of recognition. This is shown because as soon as he is rejected by the radio he gets ‘our bread-knife’ and goes out. This suggests that he reader is going to experience yet another living organism moving into ‘another language.’ ‘The pavements glitter suddenly.’ This sentence is a pivotal moment in the poem as it is the moment when the reader is thrown out of the mind of the narrator and is placed into the position of the victim of the narrator. The effect of this is that it is almost as though the reader has explored the mind of the person who is about to kill them and has virtually thought their thought with them.

Another purpose of the poem ‘Educating for Leisure’ is to show the reader a different type of education that has not, and cannot be taught. The readers are being educated by a different type of ‘genius’ who believes that a living thing can only experience his ‘genius’ by being killed and so in the last stanza he is educating us, the victim. The effect of this is that the reader put into a situation where their thoughts take on a different perspective of the events than they usually would.

In conclusion I believe that Duffy uses language throughout the poem in order to keep the readers attention. The effect of this is that the reader is drawn further into the mind of the psychotic narrator and is almost forced to become part of his thoughts. This is achieved by the use of; short sentences, which set the pace of the poem, alliteration, which sets the mood and tone of the poem, and metaphors which reveal the characters underlying feelings and thoughts.

I think that the poem was very successful. This is because it almost forced me to look and explore the insanity of someone elses mind which I think will help me be able to relate more to the character of Jed Perry in the novel ‘Enduring Love’ by Ian McEwan. This is because I think that it will help me understand why Jed changes situations to suit him because like the narrator he too is trying to gain recognition, from Joe.

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Genetically-Modified Monkey Created

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In a USA Today Science article entitled, “Genetically-Modified Monkey Created,” writer Steve Sternberg reports that scientists have created the world’s first mutant monkey. Although this article is dated back to January 11, 001, this information is a bit surprising to me. I have chosen this article for this reason. The world of genetics never ceases to amaze me. From Mendel’s work with peas to sheep cloning, I’ve always been fascinated with what science will produce next.

The rhesus monkey created by the scientists at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center is name ANDi, short for “inserted DNA” spelled backwards. The most interesting thing about ANDi is that he has an extra gene that glows green when seen under a microscope. The scientists created ANDi to study human diseases and possibly find a cure. However, I’m not sure how implanting an extra gene into a primate would lead researchers to curing certain diseases.

Creating ANDi was no easy task. Two hundred twenty four eggs were fertilized but there were only 40 embryos generated. The embryos were introduced into twenty surrogates and only five got pregnant. Out of these pregnancies, only three resulted in the birth of healthy males, with only one [ANDi] showing the marker gene.

As in everything, there were people who were pessimistic about the research. Some people felt that the inserted gene would disrupt the monkey’s natural way of function. They also felt that it might not even mimic human diseases. On the other hand, there were people who supported the study. Take John Gordon, who in 180 created the first genetically engineered mouse, for example. He stated that, “Primates could model certain diseases for which no other model is suitable….” He says that using altered monkeys as opposed to mice can help with Alzheimer’s because researchers are able to study the monkey’s cognitive problems.

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I think that using a monkey to test diseases is ridiculous. I’m very against animal testing for the benefit of the human race. I feel that animals are god created beings just as we are. Just because we are higher in the food chain, we do not have the right to do as we please with anything below us. I think that it’s highly immoral and that it should stop. I feel really bad for the unsuccessful fertilizations where the monkeys didn’t make it into the world. There might have been deformalities where the ones that did born may be suffering such as missing limbs or lack of pigmentation. I think that scientists shouldn’t play God with it’s creatures.

I felt that this article is very informative and interesting. To be able to create a mutant creature seems almost impossible yet, scientists have been able to do so. Who knows what science will produce next?

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Nowadays,people can get almost any information from films,books or the internet,but some information can have negative influences on young people and even our society. The following essay discusses whether there should be censorship of information in society or not.

To begin with, some information is harmful for children, therefore we should protect children from some information. By this I mean, children are easily influenced and they cannot distinguish what is right or real and what is wrong or unreal, as they are immature, and hey probably imitate what they have seen. As a consequence, we should protect children from some information such as excessive violence or obscene material, so that they can grow up to be valuable members of society.

Another point to bear in mind is that some information which could be harmful to society should be censored. For example, some material that encourages racism,violence or terrorism threatens social security, and it might lead to some serious social problems, such as crimes. Therefore, the government should ban this kind of information in films,books or on the internet.

However, people do have the right to choose what they what to know, and they should be allowed access to most information. Further more, most adults are good people and will not be influenced in a negative way easily, thus they should have the freedom to decide what they want to know, and the government should not censor all information, as the government is only a group of people after all.

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In conclusion, parents should strictly control what their children watch or read, and the government should censor such information in children¡¯s books, films or websites. In addition, the government should ban some information which encourages racism, violence and terrorism, as it is harmful to society. However, on the other hand, since it is people¡¯s right to choose what they want to know, the government should not censor most information.

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A Manager, A Cashier, and Incriminating Instant Messages

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The following are instant messages from various online conversations. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. These are to be used as an example of what con get employees in the unemployment line.

FlirtingFilly000 hey

GeminiXVI hey back

FlirtingFilly000 what took you so long?

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GeminiXVI that was the longest fucking super bowl Ive ever watched.

GeminiXVI I was over at a friends watching the game...

GeminiXVI Miss me?

FlirtingFilly000 i sucked

FlirtingFilly000 of course

GeminiXVI the score was a little...bad.

FlirtingFilly000 just a little

GeminiXVI So, did you get drunk like you wanted?

FlirtingFilly000 hell yes, i did!

GeminiXVI sp youre online and drunk...odd combo.

FlirtingFilly000 lol.....yeah, youll have that

GeminiXVI Yeah, well they didnt have any whiskey, so I ended up sober.

FlirtingFilly000 aw, that sucks

GeminiXVI So I guess Ill get up and exersize in the morning.

FlirtingFilly000 sounds like fun

GeminiXVI Well, Id rather be drunk.

GeminiXVI Or fucking, but Ill take what I can get right now.

GeminiXVI Wait! I do have alcohol.

FlirtingFilly000 well, yeah. those are both much better

FlirtingFilly000 oh, well theres some good news

GeminiXVI I tend to prefer one over the other.

GeminiXVI whats that?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, me too.

FlirtingFilly000 what- the good news?

GeminiXVI yeah, you said you had some?

FlirtingFilly000 oh, just that you found some alcohol

FlirtingFilly000 i was happy for you

GeminiXVI Oh, well, that and I actually got laid a couple nights ago.

GeminiXVI that wasnt so bad.

FlirtingFilly000 hopefully not

FlirtingFilly000 how come im just now hearing about this?

GeminiXVI You dont work Saturdays....Why, is it that important?

FlirtingFilly000 nope....i just figured that youd want to brag about it, thats all.

GeminiXVI No, just that its good news, sort of.

FlirtingFilly000 how is it just sort of good news?

GeminiXVI It was only sort of good sex.

GeminiXVI I could say that any sex is good sex, but Ive had better.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, i know about that.

FlirtingFilly000 i hate when that happens

GeminiXVI Me also.

FlirtingFilly000 dont worry, im sure youll have better

GeminiXVI But what the hell, Im sure Ill find someone else soon.

FlirtingFilly000 im sure you will

GeminiXVI Speaking of which...

FlirtingFilly000 yeah?

GeminiXVI Any words on the hook-ups?

FlirtingFilly000 not yet.....i havent talked to my sister lately. but im still looking elsewhere

GeminiXVI Yeah?

FlirtingFilly000 yep.

GeminiXVI Details?

FlirtingFilly000 uh......i dont really have many, other than the fact that im keeping my eyes open

FlirtingFilly000 guess who just called me?

GeminiXVI ?

FlirtingFilly000 Nathon

GeminiXVI Dunno.

GeminiXVI ?

GeminiXVI Who?

FlirtingFilly000 remember the guy i was telling you about that was waiting for me in the parking lot?

FlirtingFilly000 twice

GeminiXVI Sort of, but not really.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, ok. then nevermind

GeminiXVI Before I got sent to Springton?

FlirtingFilly000 no, i told you about it the first day you came back

GeminiXVI Sorry. Short term memory loss. He hasnt been arounds since Ive been back though?

FlirtingFilly000 uh.....nope.

GeminiXVI But he just called you?

GeminiXVI Are you still drunk?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, and no, im not

GeminiXVI Too bad.

FlirtingFilly000 for which?

GeminiXVI That youre not drunk any more.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, i know

GeminiXVI You know, inhibitions are lowered...

GeminiXVI But it sucks that the stalker called you.

FlirtingFilly000 lol.....what are you suggesting?

GeminiXVI Anything I can do to help about the stalker...?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, im trying to get off the phone with him now

GeminiXVI And as for what m suggesting...

GeminiXVI You.

GeminiXVI Me.

GeminiXVI Viagra.

GeminiXVI Any questions?

FlirtingFilly000 sounds good to me

GeminiXVI Drop the stalker and lets set up a time then.

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 anxious, are we?

GeminiXVI Just for good sex.

GeminiXVI But hey the Viagra can wait.

GeminiXVI Ill just take some regular non- drugged sex.

GeminiXVI From any willing partner, really.

FlirtingFilly000 as long as youre sure its gonna be good

FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXVI Just that youre in the top two of the list right now.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, then i feel privledged

GeminiXVI I never told you...?

FlirtingFilly000 nope

GeminiXVI My nickname is privleged.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, really?

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 i finally got off the phone with the stalker

FlirtingFilly000 he wants me to meet him tuesday

GeminiXVI sorry.

GeminiXVI Youve got plans.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah.

FlirtingFilly000 do i?

GeminiXVI Well, you could...

FlirtingFilly000 this is true.....

GeminiXVI Not that I have anything in mind, of course...

FlirtingFilly000 riiiiiiight..........

GeminiXVI Ok, maybe a couple of things.

GeminiXVI Harmless flirting,

GeminiXVI Casual conversation...

GeminiXVI Oriental massage...

GeminiXVI Just the usual.

GeminiXVI like I would do with any employee.

FlirtingFilly000 in that case, i might have to clear my schedule for a week or so

FlirtingFilly000 with just any employee?

GeminiXVI ?

GeminiXVI No not really.

GeminiXVI why a week?

FlirtingFilly000 good.

FlirtingFilly000 i was just kidding.....that sounded good

GeminiXVI anything that involves you and me sounds good.

FlirtingFilly000 i agree 100%

GeminiXVI good.

GeminiXVI Well, better than good, but well see about that.

FlirtingFilly000 by the way....i like how you played off Knowing what i want at work the other day

GeminiXVI You like that?

FlirtingFilly000 promise?

GeminiXVI And yes, I promise.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, that was pretty good

FlirtingFilly000 good

GeminiXVI As long as youre still up for that.

FlirtingFilly000 why wouldnt i be?

GeminiXVI Hey, I just wanted to check.

GeminiXVI Yeah, Robin through me off when she actually heard me.

FlirtingFilly000 nothing wrong with that i guess

FlirtingFilly000 lol..... i could tell

GeminiXVI I want to make sure that you want it as much as I do.

FlirtingFilly000 do you really have to question that?

FlirtingFilly000 Todd was teasing me about that when you left

GeminiXVI No, but you know me; I like to hear it...What was he teasing you about?

FlirtingFilly000 he kept saying stupid stuff about how you drive me crazy and I want you soooo bad

FlirtingFilly000 it was funny

GeminiXVI ?

FlirtingFilly000 what?

GeminiXVI Do I/you?

FlirtingFilly000 well, yeah, but i couldnt tell him that.

FlirtingFilly000 are you happy you heard it?

GeminiXVI So he was just joking.

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 yeah

GeminiXVI Ill be even happier when youre whispering it in my ear.

FlirtingFilly000 i could tell you that whenever you want

GeminiXVI Feel free, but as long as its the truth.

FlirtingFilly000 would it be anything less, coming from me?

GeminiXVI Just like I dont like it when a woman fakes(like one ever has), I dont like a woman saying something just to make me feel better.

GeminiXVI I hope it wouldnt be anything less, from you.

FlirtingFilly000 believe me.....if i didnt mean the things ive been saying, i wouldnt have said them

GeminiXVI Well, in that case, feel free to tell me whenever.

FlirtingFilly000 ok, then.

GeminiXVI ASs long as you dont mind me doing the same.

FlirtingFilly000 feel free

GeminiXVI I like this.

FlirtingFilly000 which part?

GeminiXVI All parts, the thought of the now, of the things to come (no pun intended), but especially this

GeminiXVI The potential risk in the severe flirtation.

FlirtingFilly000 you too?

GeminiXVI oh yeah.

FlirtingFilly000 thats half the fun.....for now

GeminiXVI And I cant wait for the other half.

GeminiXVI That will be...Well worth the wait, Im sure.

FlirtingFilly000 me either.

GeminiXVI just out of curiosity...

FlirtingFilly000 thats what im counting on, at least

GeminiXVI When do you turn 18?

FlirtingFilly000 september

GeminiXVI Oh.

FlirtingFilly000 i know----its a long time

FlirtingFilly000 if youre worried....dont be

GeminiXVI No, Im not.

GeminiXVI I was just curious.

FlirtingFilly000 good.

GeminiXVI I still want you just as much as I did 5 minutes ago.

GeminiXVI Nothings changed.

FlirtingFilly000 thats good to hear

GeminiXVI I thought you might appreciate hearing it once.

GeminiXVI once in a while.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....always

FlirtingFilly000 i gotta tell ya, its kinda hard to control myself at work, but its fun that way.

GeminiXVI It is?

GeminiXVI Hows that?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, sometimes

FlirtingFilly000 just things id like to be able to say out loud, or do. but im always afraid of making people too suspicious

GeminiXVI like what?

GeminiXVI Besides, the do part...People are only watching every once in a while.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, i dont know. whatever pops into my evil little mind at any given time

GeminiXVI Well, next time, look around... and go for it.

FlirtingFilly000 once in a while? theyre always around.

GeminiXVI Just keep what you say to a whisper.

FlirtingFilly000 ok, ill do that

GeminiXVI Theyre always around, but they arent always watching.

GeminiXVI Not everywhere.

GeminiXVI Prime example.

FlirtingFilly000 i see youve thought about this too?

GeminiXVI When I sat up front for lunch on Friday.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, thats true, but there are always customers

GeminiXVI We had at least 5 minutes of unsupervised conversation.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah. but it kept getting interrupted

GeminiXVI Well, things are not to be said in front of customers.

FlirtingFilly000 damn people.

FlirtingFilly000 thats obvious

GeminiXVI Or done, but things said in small parts, interrupted by customers, or whatever, adds a little more interest.

GeminiXVI Let me explain.

FlirtingFilly000 please do

GeminiXVI A couple of key words, said before having to run off, definately get the mind to wondering what the next words will be.

GeminiXVI Understand?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah

GeminiXVI So interruptions only build things up a bit more.

GeminiXVI But sooner or later, Im sure my head will explode.

FlirtingFilly000 which one?

FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXVI I knew youd say that.

GeminiXVI And to answer your question...

GeminiXVI Yes, I have thought about this also.

FlirtingFilly000 good, then im not the only one

GeminiXVI It was difficult to focus on the woman I was having sex with and not think about you during.

GeminiXVI A mixed compliment, but take it for what its worth.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, really.....?

FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXVI Well, maybe Ive been thinking about this a little more than you have.

FlirtingFilly000 i dont know about that......

GeminiXVI After what I just typed?

FlirtingFilly000 i still dont know about that

GeminiXVI If you say so.

FlirtingFilly000 i do.

GeminiXVI Lets just say that we both think about the possibility very often.

FlirtingFilly000 yes, we do.

FlirtingFilly000 a lot

GeminiXVI Agreed.

GeminiXVI More than is healthy, Im sure.

FlirtingFilly000 maybe

FlirtingFilly000 but thats just fine with me

GeminiXVI Good.

GeminiXVI Oh, and another by the way...

GeminiXVI Ive found that I like Oh, God, Steve better than simply oh, God.

FlirtingFilly000 ok, ill have to keep that in mind too.

GeminiXVI Well, just say what comes naturally.

FlirtingFilly000 i wouldnt worry about that

GeminiXVI Dont make it sound like youve been rehearsing, for crying out loud,.

FlirtingFilly000 no, shit

FlirtingFilly000 just make sure i dont have to, ok?

GeminiXVI Unless youre frigid...I dont think that wil be a problem.

GeminiXVI Especially since I plan on giving you a lot of attention.

FlirtingFilly000 nope, probably not

FlirtingFilly000 mmm....i like this

GeminiXVI I hope that youll love it.

FlirtingFilly000 sounds to me like i will

GeminiXVI I want to make sure youre a satisfied customer

GeminiXVI You know, so that youll want to come back for more.

FlirtingFilly000 i dont think that will be a problem

FlirtingFilly000 you already had me driving to chicago

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI And besides, If you want me nearly as much as I do you, then I dont think that well have a problem with the non-rehearsed phrases.

GeminiXVI Im mostly expecting some caveman type of grunts at first.

GeminiXVI rom me, at least.

GeminiXVI from

FlirtingFilly000 lol...i dont think youll be dissapointed

GeminiXVI I KNOW I wont...But its not me I was worried about.

FlirtingFilly000 dont worry about me....if youre half as good as youre making yourself sound, ill be more than fine

GeminiXVI Am I really braggin that much?

GeminiXVI I dont want to hype it up, and then be lousy.

FlirtingFilly000 no, not really bragging

FlirtingFilly000 are you honestly worried about that?

GeminiXVI But as I said, Im going to pay a lot of attention to you.

GeminiXVI Hey, I want to be good.

FlirtingFilly000 i hope so

GeminiXVI How many orgasms have you had at once?

FlirtingFilly000 im sure you will be

GeminiXVI I mean during one time.

GeminiXVI Can you remember?

FlirtingFilly000 actually, if you want to know the truth...ive never had an orgasm during sex.

GeminiXVI What?

GeminiXVI But you have had one or more.

GeminiXVI So how many have you had during one session.

GeminiXVI ?

FlirtingFilly000 uh, or

GeminiXVI ok.

FlirtingFilly000 why?

GeminiXVI Now I have a number to beat.

GeminiXVI So let me do my job and I will.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....i knew youd say that

GeminiXVI Hey, Ive got to have a goal.

FlirtingFilly000 ill be looking forward to it

GeminiXVI And to,leave your legs shaking is mine.

FlirtingFilly000 wow.... this sounds pretty fuckin good

GeminiXVI Good choice of words.

FlirtingFilly000 do you say this to everyone you try to get in bed?

FlirtingFilly000 i thought youd like that

GeminiXVI I usually dont try to get people in bed by talking to them like this.

GeminiXVI And for the record, Im serious.

GeminiXVI I have made that a goal when it comes to you.

FlirtingFilly000 i didnt doubt that, i was just curious

FlirtingFilly000 goals are nice

GeminiXVI But all I can do is try.

GeminiXVI No guarantees.

FlirtingFilly000 thats all anyone can ask for

FlirtingFilly000 i wouldnt worry about it

GeminiXVI No, just trying to cover my ass if you end up not liking it.

GeminiXVI No refunds.


FlirtingFilly000 im sure i will

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 these kinds of conversations are what makes it hard to control myself at work

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI These conversations are what makes it interesting

FlirtingFilly000 VERY interesting

GeminiXVI Hey, youve got to admit that work got a little better within thelast weeks.

FlirtingFilly000 i will definitely admit that.

GeminiXVI Now I cant wait to get to work to see you and wonder what kind of flirting the day will bring.

FlirtingFilly000 i never can

GeminiXVI wait?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah

GeminiXVI You nkow, if you eventually wanted to stop over here before you went to work...

FlirtingFilly000 it just sucks waiting until 100, when i get there at 1100

GeminiXVI Eventually of course.

FlirtingFilly000 ive got school until 1040......but you never know if this weather will bring us a snow day

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI Well, you got out early the other day, so I was just referring to times such as thoe.

GeminiXVI those

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, ill definitely keep that in mind

GeminiXVI Just wanted to give you an idea for something later on down the road.

FlirtingFilly000 i like your ideas!

GeminiXVI Thanks.

FlirtingFilly000 no, thank you.

GeminiXVI I figure they would benefit us both.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, they certainly do

GeminiXVI If they happen, f course.

FlirtingFilly000 why wouldnt they?

GeminiXVI No reason, but you know, sometimes things happen that change plans.,

GeminiXVI Not on my end, mind you.

FlirtingFilly000 i dont plan on changing mine, so i dont really see a problem

GeminiXVI Ok, then no problem either side.

GeminiXVI Thatll be the last I mention it.

FlirtingFilly000 good. i dont like too many complications

GeminiXVI You know, paranoia sets in...

GeminiXVI I have to make sure on things.

GeminiXVI Too much sometimes.

GeminiXVI Especially when it sounds too good to be true.

FlirtingFilly000 i know. but you dont have anything to worry about

FlirtingFilly000 too good to be true?

FlirtingFilly000 why is that?

GeminiXVI Lets see....One hot female...wants to have non-commital sex...probably repeatedly...doesnt freak out about the viagra experiment...

GeminiXVI Oh, no reason.

FlirtingFilly000 not like most females youll meet

GeminiXVI I know, thats one of the reasons we have the conversations we do.

GeminiXVI Aside from the flirting, even.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i like that.

GeminiXVI Me also.

FlirtingFilly000 im glad

GeminiXVI You know, weve been so busy flirting that we really havent had one of those conversations in a while.

FlirtingFilly000 youre right.

FlirtingFilly000 i cant even remember what the last one was baout

FlirtingFilly000 about

FlirtingFilly000 flirting is good, though, too

GeminiXVI just nothing, really. But they were down to the level of bare honesty.

GeminiXVI but realistically, thats is what were doing now, is just being honest.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, thats what i like the most about talking to you

GeminiXVI these talks are just about the same subject.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, really honest

GeminiXVI the things that could be...


FlirtingFilly000 yeah--i like these conversations

GeminiXVI For more than one reason, far as Im concerned.

GeminiXVI Flirting, yet base honesty.

FlirtingFilly000 it doesnt get much better

GeminiXVI Well, I dont know about that...

FlirtingFilly000 lol.....youre right

FlirtingFilly000 what was i thinking?

GeminiXVI being scantily clad while having these talks might make them better.

GeminiXVI Complete nudity would make them a Hell of a lot better.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, that could help

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI And, of course, you being in front of me during these conversations would make all the difference in the world.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....i agree

FlirtingFilly000 its amazing to me that youre a guy and youre completely honest at the same time

FlirtingFilly000 thats rare

GeminiXVI AS Ive said before, to you and to many others...

GeminiXVI I am what all women say they want and what most women dont know how to deal with...An honest man.

GeminiXVI But the problem is that sometimes im Brutally honest.

FlirtingFilly000 glad ive got the ability to deal with you

FlirtingFilly000 thats good

GeminiXVI Well, and youre hot.

GeminiXVI So its to both our advantages.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....well, thank you

GeminiXVI No need to thank me for the truth.

GeminiXVI Its free.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....good

FlirtingFilly000 but that wholehot thing works both ways

GeminiXVI What, you think youre hot too?


FlirtingFilly000 i think YOURE hot

GeminiXVI Hey, thanks.

FlirtingFilly000 if you havent already noticed

FlirtingFilly000 any time

GeminiXVI And you havent even seen the abs Im working on.

GeminiXVI But Im not done with them, of course.

FlirtingFilly000 abs are good. abs are really good

GeminiXVI I hope the are when you see them.

GeminiXVI they are

FlirtingFilly000 from what ive seen, you have a pretty nice body, so i dont doubt it

GeminiXVI Youve been looking?

FlirtingFilly000 of course i have

GeminiXVI Well, Im working on it.

GeminiXVI Its not as good as Id like yet.

FlirtingFilly000 its working well for me

GeminiXVI Im glad.

GeminiXVI Hopefully I can put it to work even better for you.

FlirtingFilly000 i hope so.

GeminiXVI S

GeminiXVI o

GeminiXVI o

GeminiXVI n

GeminiXVI just wishful thinking, you know.

FlirtingFilly000 not excited, are you?

GeminiXVI no, and yes.

FlirtingFilly000 believe me, i know

GeminiXVI Excited about the possibility of things to come...

GeminiXVI But not stalker excited.


FlirtingFilly000 well, good. i dont need another one of those

GeminiXVI Oh, cmon, everone needs a couple of stalers, dont they?

FlirtingFilly000 not me!

FlirtingFilly000 well, maybe if theyre as good looking as you

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI Thanks.

GeminiXVI But Im not the stalker type.

FlirtingFilly000 youre welcome, and good.

GeminiXVI But Im taking applications.

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 funny and sexy....what a combo

GeminiXVI damn, you know what to say...I hop were still on that complete honesty thing.

FlirtingFilly000 arent we always?

FlirtingFilly000 cuz i sure thought so

GeminiXVI Well, you pouring compliments on me makes me wonder.

GeminiXVI we are.

GeminiXVI No bullshit.

FlirtingFilly000 wondering adds to the excitement

GeminiXVI Simple honesty.

FlirtingFilly000 thats all i ever wanted

FlirtingFilly000 i dont believe youre doubting me

GeminiXVI Thats all youll ever get from me, whether you like it or not.

FlirtingFilly000 i hope you can take it right back

FlirtingFilly000 (the honesty, that is)

GeminiXVI I doubt anyone who compliments me the way you do. And yes, I like people who are as completely honest as I am.

FlirtingFilly000 i only say things i mean

FlirtingFilly000 remember that the next time i compliment you

GeminiXVI Same to you.

GeminiXVI How honest am I allowed to be?

FlirtingFilly000 brutally honest

FlirtingFilly000 i wont hold it against you

GeminiXVI I really want you .

FlirtingFilly000 same here

GeminiXVI Im loving the idea of you in my bed.

GeminiXVI Too brutal?

FlirtingFilly000 ive thought about that a few times myself

FlirtingFilly000 not at all

GeminiXVI Work is going to be VERY interesting tomorrow.

FlirtingFilly000 lets hope so

FlirtingFilly000 just out of curiosity how interesting do you want to make it?

GeminiXVI wait a minute...How interesting do you want it?

GeminiXVI esp is up and running, I see.

GeminiXVI That, above all, is the best.

GeminiXVI I dont care if the sex is the best Ill ever have...That is better.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, it is

GeminiXVI Too fucking cool.

FlirtingFilly000 i would agree

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 so are you going to answer me?

GeminiXVI And as an answer (on my side)

GeminiXVI Give me a minute...

GeminiXVI Or just read my damn thoughts.

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 id rather see it typed out

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI Restraint will be difficult, but make the final release that much better.

GeminiXVI So the words, the whispers, and the occasional (not observed) contact...

GeminiXVI I think that will make a full day.

GeminiXVI what about you?

GeminiXVI Your turn to answer.

FlirtingFilly000 i would have to agree. well just have to be careful of other people

FlirtingFilly000 id like to be a little more daring, but i dont want to get caught

GeminiXVI thats what I mean. NOT observed.

GeminiXVI and whispers, for sure.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah

FlirtingFilly000 of course

GeminiXVI When occasional opportunity presents itself, for an occasional touch or word, then ok.

GeminiXVI but lets not get too carried away in the moment.

FlirtingFilly000 sounds good to me

GeminiXVI I know that most of the people there wouldnt care, but it would be a big deal.

GeminiXVI Any other thoughts on the subject?

FlirtingFilly000 it was a big deal when nothing was goin on

GeminiXVI Good point.

GeminiXVI So maybe a little more on the restraint issue.

GeminiXVI Damn.

FlirtingFilly000 i think work will be very interestin tomorrow

FlirtingFilly000 hold on, k?

GeminiXVI sure.

FlirtingFilly000 ok, im back

FlirtingFilly000 now, damn what?

GeminiXVI Damn the fact of restraint, and of the fact that youre not here.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, ive been damning that all night

GeminiXVI Got to think of some excuses for you to get out more often.

FlirtingFilly000 i know, believe me, ive been thinking about it

GeminiXVI Well, at least youll have some interesting dreams tonight.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, like last night

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI ?

GeminiXVI a little more info?

FlirtingFilly000 lets just say i had a pretty good dream last night that involved you, me, and some much needed time alone

FlirtingFilly000 i wasnt gonna tell you, but i couldnt pass that up

GeminiXVI Why werent you going to tell me?

FlirtingFilly000 i didnt want to boost your ego too much

FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXVI And by the way, how was I?

FlirtingFilly000 uh.....i dont know if theres a word for it, but if there was, it would be a hell of a good word

GeminiXVI ?

FlirtingFilly000 it was really that better?

GeminiXVI Why, whatever do you mean?

GeminiXVI Oh, thats better.

GeminiXVI Well, I hope I can live up to the expectations.

FlirtingFilly000 i hope so too!! but im not really doubting you

FlirtingFilly000 at all

GeminiXVI ok.

GeminiXVI Damn.

FlirtingFilly000 i dont expect a freakin miracle....just make sure you can back up what you say

FlirtingFilly000 what now?

GeminiXVI Same thing.

FlirtingFilly000 ah, yes. that element seems to get more and more intense as the conversation gets deeper

GeminiXVI All I can back up is the fact that Im going to try quite a bit and that I wont let you on top of me until youve had at least orgasms

GeminiXVI OK?

FlirtingFilly000 wow.....then i think were gonna do just fine

GeminiXVI Good.

FlirtingFilly000 do i ever tell you how much i like the way you think?

GeminiXVI Go ahead and tell me again.

FlirtingFilly000 i REALLY, REALLY like it.

FlirtingFilly000 a lot

GeminiXVI ok.

GeminiXVI Hey, its 107 in the morning, and if I want to work out in the morning, then weve got to stop this for now.

GeminiXVI Besides, I think my head will explode soon.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, my god, i was just typing that!!

GeminiXVI And dont ask which one.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i feel the same way

FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXVI what were you just typing?

FlirtingFilly000 i think i can guess

FlirtingFilly000 how it was after one, and i should go to bed

GeminiXVI Cool, huh?

FlirtingFilly000 hell yes



GeminiXVI Ill talk to you tomorrow, at our very interesting day...

FlirtingFilly000 i cant wait

GeminiXVI nor can I.

GeminiXVI But Ive got to go.

GeminiXVI Good night and sweet dreams.

FlirtingFilly000 goodnight, and same to you

GeminiXVI thanks

FlirtingFilly000 sorry, i didnt catch what you computer froze....again

GeminiXVI I said, hey there, you fine piece of ass.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, ok

FlirtingFilly000 so how are you?

GeminiXVI Not too bad...My shoulders hurt a little.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, well youll have that. those tattoos are very sexy, though.

GeminiXVI thanks.

FlirtingFilly000 no prob

GeminiXVI I really enjoyed today.

GeminiXVI You were right about going in for MY benefit.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, me too. Im glad you decided to come to work.

GeminiXVI It was almost worth going in on my day off.

FlirtingFilly000 good

FlirtingFilly000 well, thats good to know

GeminiXVI youre awfully quiet about the subject.

FlirtingFilly000 well, then i guess youd like to know that i had a really hard time controlling myself today

GeminiXVI Is that right?

GeminiXVI Whatever do you mean?

FlirtingFilly000 yes it is

FlirtingFilly000 hmmmm, i dont know.... what do you think i mean?

GeminiXVI What exactly do you mean by controlling yourself?

FlirtingFilly000 i had a hard time not pouncing on you, and an even harder time not reacting when youd say or do something

GeminiXVI Lie reacting how?

GeminiXVI like

GeminiXVI And by doing what?

GeminiXVI you mean my hand on your leg?

FlirtingFilly000 among other places

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI did you mind?

GeminiXVI If so, just let me know.

GeminiXVI seriously.

FlirtingFilly000 hell no, i didnt mind

GeminiXVI you sure?

FlirtingFilly000 if i minded, i would have let you know right then and there

FlirtingFilly000 so, yeah, im sure

GeminiXVI good point.

GeminiXVI I almost lost it when you reached around and damn near stroked me with mike in the office.

FlirtingFilly000 did ya like that?

GeminiXVI Loved evey second.

FlirtingFilly000 i thought you might

GeminiXVI I wanted to get you in the back room again so I could have returned the favor.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, im liking that back room more and more

GeminiXVI No i really want you, and it seems to increase every day.

GeminiXVI Especially with days like today.

FlirtingFilly000 i feel the same way

FlirtingFilly000 i couldnt stop thinking about you after i left work

GeminiXVI And even our conversations are starting to arouse me.

GeminiXVI You too?

FlirtingFilly000 yep

GeminiXVI too bad you couldnt get away for a few.

FlirtingFilly000 i know. i really wanted to today, i think maybe more than before

GeminiXVI More than before?

GeminiXVI Oh, you mean wanted to get away more?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah

GeminiXVI well, after today, I think I can understand why.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, thats not too hard to figure out

GeminiXVI When I started to pin you to the wall,I wanted to do a lot more than kiss you.

FlirtingFilly000 you had that same feeling too?

GeminiXVI I really wanted to be in you, to tell you the truth.

FlirtingFilly000 i was kinda wondering if i was gonna be able to actually leave the back room.......

FlirtingFilly000 cuz i wanted the same thing

GeminiXVI Well I want the same thing right now, even more.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, me too

GeminiXVI Maybe we should stay away from the back room...

FlirtingFilly000 nah, i dont think so

GeminiXVI or maybe not.

FlirtingFilly000 I like that better

GeminiXVI So how long do you think we can be back there without someone getting suspicious?

FlirtingFilly000 probably not too long.....unless we had a good excuse

GeminiXVI To be honest, I dont think Id last too long, seing as how I want you as much as I do.

GeminiXVI I figure Id do better with a relaxed setting.

GeminiXVI So Ill just have to give you an orgasm and be happy with that while were at work.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i dont think the back room would be too great of a place....... wed be too paranoid

FlirtingFilly000 so how do you plan on doing that?

GeminiXVI The usual way, unless you know of something I dont...

FlirtingFilly000 im sure whatever you do will be just fine

GeminiXVI Oh, theres sooo much Id like to do.

FlirtingFilly000 oh yeah?

GeminiXVI completely.

FlirtingFilly000 I cant wait to do each and every one of them.

GeminiXVI I think my fucking heads going to explode when I get the chance because I wont know what to do first.

GeminiXVI But Im sure Ill figure it out.

FlirtingFilly000 lol..i was just gonna say that

GeminiXVI This time, I knew you were.

GeminiXVI The thought didnt just pop in my head.

GeminiXVI this time, I knew it was yours.

GeminiXVI fucking cool.

FlirtingFilly000 hell yes

GeminiXVI We have GOT to figure out a chance to be together.

FlirtingFilly000 i know

GeminiXVI you still want me?

FlirtingFilly000 Todd said something about him being surprised that i wasnt scheduled for the same days off as you

FlirtingFilly000 of course i do

GeminiXVI Todd said that?

FlirtingFilly000 more that ever

FlirtingFilly000 than

FlirtingFilly000 yep

GeminiXVI so did you tell him you were going to request it?

GeminiXVI and how much does he really know?

FlirtingFilly000 when i asked him why he said that, he said something like i just figured you guys would be scheduled the same so that you could talk, or whatever

FlirtingFilly000 nothing, as far as i know

GeminiXVI well, Id definately like to do the whatever.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, me too

FlirtingFilly000 but Todd doesnt need to know that

GeminiXVI no, i dont think so.

GeminiXVI So, anyone say anything about me being there on my day off?

FlirtingFilly000 cuz we all know how he keeps secrets

GeminiXVI like a fucking sieve.

FlirtingFilly000 nope, just that they didnt know why you would put stock out after just getting inked

GeminiXVI for the chance to have you put lotion on it, of course.

FlirtingFilly000 aw...i feel special

GeminiXVI Ive told you that my names special before, right?

FlirtingFilly000 lol....yeah

FlirtingFilly000 id like to be feeling you right about now

GeminiXVI And Id Love to be feeling you.

GeminiXVI all of you.

GeminiXVI a lot.

FlirtingFilly000 Id really like that

FlirtingFilly000 a lot

GeminiXVI how much?

GeminiXVI and where?

FlirtingFilly000 more than you know, and every where

GeminiXVI if its moer than I know, why dont you tell me?

GeminiXVI more

FlirtingFilly000 even though im pretty sure you have an idea...... I love the thought of you touching me--everywhere. Its the worst when were at work and i want to be able to just fuck you right there, but of course have to control myself.

FlirtingFilly000 does that pretty much sum it up?

GeminiXVI Music to my ears.

GeminiXVI And Mike said he had the best chance, the poor dolt.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, poor mike.

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI Ok, enough about him. Lets talk about us and the things we want to do to each other.

GeminiXVI or, let me just think about it.

FlirtingFilly000 well, whatever you wanna do........

GeminiXVI I want to do you.

GeminiXVI now.

GeminiXVI later.

GeminiXVI Soon.

FlirtingFilly000 the sooner the better

GeminiXVI Agreed.

GeminiXVI so, what do you have to go to the store for?

FlirtingFilly000 i really wish that would work, right about now

GeminiXVI I wish anything would work.

FlirtingFilly000 me too

FlirtingFilly000 i wanted so badly to stay in the back and fuck your brains out today

FlirtingFilly000 i hated having to walk away

GeminiXVI Wow, thats honest.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, id rather not bullshit

GeminiXVI You ought to say something when those thoughts happen.

GeminiXVI You know I love to hear that sort of thing.

GeminiXVI love

FlirtingFilly000 well, its not like we could have done would have just tortured you more

FlirtingFilly000and me

GeminiXVI actually, I would have turned around...

GeminiXVI even for another minute.

GeminiXVI a lot can happen in a minute.

FlirtingFilly000 not enough

GeminiXVI wanna bet?

FlirtingFilly000 well, what did you have in mind?

GeminiXVI Ill eventually be able to get you off in a minute.

FlirtingFilly000 you think?

GeminiXVI Not thinking about me.

GeminiXVI Just about pleasing you.

GeminiXVI Eventually, yes.

GeminiXVI Maybe not now, but eventually.

FlirtingFilly000 well, i guess i have something to look forward to, then dont i?

GeminiXVI Ok, as much as I dont want to, Im going to bed early.

GeminiXVI And yes, you have several things to look forward to.

FlirtingFilly000 mmm.... sounds interesting

GeminiXVI If we ever get the chance.

FlirtingFilly000 we will

GeminiXVI Even if we have to wait until I get my own store so I can Thursdays off?


FlirtingFilly000 honestly, I really dont want you to leave

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI Why not?

FlirtingFilly000 i think you can probably figure that one out

GeminiXVI but I always love to hear the details, you know?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i know

FlirtingFilly000 work just wouldnt be near as exciting....youer pretty much what motivates me to get there every day

FlirtingFilly000 i love never knowing what will happen that day until it happens

GeminiXVI I like the days where something happens more than the others.

GeminiXVI Working with everyone else is soooo boring now.

FlirtingFilly000 i agree

FlirtingFilly000 thats why i hate mondays

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI And why I hate tuesdays

GeminiXVI Why dont you get your days changed?

FlirtingFilly000 after what Todd said, im not sure if i should....

GeminiXVI To hell with him.

GeminiXVI Hed say the ame thing if you called off sick on a tuesday,

GeminiXVI even if we didnt see each other.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, but if he thinks anything is goin on....then hes got the whole store wondering

FlirtingFilly000 you know?

GeminiXVI And we just put it to rest, telling everyone that todd’s got an overactive imagination, and that theres nothing going on.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, good point.

GeminiXVI Ill even add on an I wish, so people will think Im serious about nothing going on./

GeminiXVI that would be the clencher.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, that would do the trick

GeminiXVI I thought so.

GeminiXVI You see, I can think when I need to.

FlirtingFilly000 even when all the blood is flowing south?

GeminiXVI When Im not thinking about being with yopu.

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI So, youre going to request monday off, then?

GeminiXVI then

FlirtingFilly000 i might. ill think of a reason between now and then

GeminiXVI cool.

GeminiXVI But Ive got to head off to bed.

GeminiXVI Wish you could come with me,

GeminiXVI But soon you will.

FlirtingFilly000 you have no idea how much i agree

FlirtingFilly000 i hope so

GeminiXVI You think we have a problem?

FlirtingFilly000 why do you say that?

GeminiXVI You know, in the mental form of the word, talking about our severe desire for each other, soon to border addiction?

GeminiXVI Nevermind.

GeminiXVI Ill see you Friday,.

GeminiXVI Talk to you tomorrow night?

FlirtingFilly000 why nevermind?

GeminiXVI About the problem question.

GeminiXVI I was joking.

GeminiXVI thats why nevermind,.

GeminiXVI did you have an answer?

GeminiXVI Id love to hear it./

FlirtingFilly000 lol.... i was just gonna say that if it is a problem, its not one i want to get rid of

FlirtingFilly000 its ok to complicate things once in a while

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI Only when the results promise to be as good as ours do.

GeminiXVI Ok. bedtinme.

FlirtingFilly000 i agree

FlirtingFilly000 need sleep

FlirtingFilly000 so ill talk to you tomorrow

GeminiXVI No, I need to have you.

GeminiXVI My body needs the sleep.

FlirtingFilly000 well, i need you just as much

GeminiXVI ok, Ill talk to you tomorrow night, and think about you tomorrow day.

FlirtingFilly000 no, your brain needs the sleep..i doubt it got too much blood today

GeminiXVI har der har har.

FlirtingFilly000 and ill do the same

FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXVI Why, could you tell?

FlirtingFilly000 only a little

GeminiXVI sarcasm?

FlirtingFilly000 yep

GeminiXVI you could tell, huh?

GeminiXVI oops.

FlirtingFilly000 no, not oops. It didnt bother me a bit

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXVI Damn, I want you.

FlirtingFilly000 and i want you

FlirtingFilly000 a lot

GeminiXVI And Ive really got to go now.

GeminiXVI goodnight, sexy.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, we keep saying that, but.....

FlirtingFilly000 goodnight, babe

GeminiXVI tomorrow then.

FlirtingFilly000 yep. just think about all the things id love to do with you

GeminiXVI likewise.

GeminiXXIVI hey. Cant get the other account to work. I had to start up a new one.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, that sucks

GeminiXXIVI Yeah, well, shit happens.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, that it does

GeminiXXIVI And Ive got a fucking headache that kills.

FlirtingFilly000 aw, im sorry

FlirtingFilly000 rough noght?

FlirtingFilly000 night

GeminiXXIVI Well, I had to work with Ronny AND Alice. What do you think?

FlirtingFilly000 aw, whats wrong with Ronny and Alice?

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 Alice wnats me to go to church with her sunday

GeminiXXIVI Well, except for the fact that he cant fucking count...

FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXXIVI ?

FlirtingFilly000 church?

FlirtingFilly000 i dont think so

FlirtingFilly000 id go straight to hell

GeminiXXIVI why not?

FlirtingFilly000 the last time i did anything church-related, the pastor followed me around all night groping me. That about did it for me.

GeminiXXIVI Well, at least Im not a pastor.

FlirtingFilly000 well, if you were the pastor, i wouldnt mind

GeminiXXIVI Well thank you.

FlirtingFilly000 no need to thank me

GeminiXXIVI You didnt mind the quick kiss today, did you?

FlirtingFilly000 why the hell would I mind?

GeminiXXIVI Well, since we were at work and all...

FlirtingFilly000 the only thing that bothered me was todds big head following us back there

GeminiXXIVI tell me about it.

GeminiXXIVI the nosy fuck.

FlirtingFilly000 yep

GeminiXXIVI cant keep his mind in his own business...

FlirtingFilly000 when i got back up to the front, Ronny was like, so how was the rub down?

GeminiXXIVI I t wasnt like that in Chicago.

GeminiXXIVI fuck em all.

GeminiXXIVI you could have gotten an orgasm today if it wasnt for the nosy people we work with.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah. i just winked at him and gave him a thumbs up

FlirtingFilly000 oh really?

GeminiXXIVI Well, if you didnt mind, of course.

FlirtingFilly000 of course not

GeminiXXIVI Id hope not.

GeminiXXIVI So, how was your night?

FlirtingFilly000 pretty good. I didnt really do anything....just relaxed

GeminiXXIVI Yeah? Whats that like?

GeminiXXIVI Ive heard its great.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....well, it is.

FlirtingFilly000 you should try it sometime

GeminiXXIVI Id much rather try you.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, that sounds better to me, too

GeminiXXIVI Lemme ask you a question.

FlirtingFilly000 shoot.

GeminiXXIVI Did you find it weird that I reached down for your hand when we were over at Acme the other day? It seemed like the natural thing to do, thats why I ask.

GeminiXXIVI It just seemed...normal.

FlirtingFilly000 it kinda surprised me, too....but it did feel pretty natural

GeminiXXIVI Thats what I mean. After I did it, i was surprised that I did (surprised is a good enough word) but when you put your head on my shoulder, it just didnt seem so wierd after that.

FlirtingFilly000 i know what you mean. It was kinda weird in a way, but it felt.......nice. I was surprised, but in a good way.

GeminiXXIVI Ok.

GeminiXXIVI Well, we both agree.

GeminiXXIVI It weas...wierd, but nice.

GeminiXXIVI was

GeminiXXIVI Strange things happen sometimes.

FlirtingFilly000 so what made you do that?

FlirtingFilly000 do you even know?

GeminiXXIVI I guess were just used to kissing and nothing really else.

GeminiXXIVI Im not sure.

GeminiXXIVI As I said, it just seemed like the thing to do at that moment.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i think that had a lot to do with it

GeminiXXIVI I was just happy to be with you for a couple of minutes, outside of work.

GeminiXXIVI Creepy, I know.

GeminiXXIVI I just figured that given the moment wed be fucking like bunnies.

FlirtingFilly000 why is that creepy?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah

GeminiXXIVI Not really showing that type of an affectionate gesture.

GeminiXXIVI You know?

GeminiXXIVI I mean, by no way am I complaining...

GeminiXXIVI But It was completely different from the way weve been acting and speaking.

GeminiXXIVI Am I wrong?

FlirtingFilly000 i know. thats why it kinda shocked me.

FlirtingFilly000 no, not at all

FlirtingFilly000 i was expecting us to be acting totally different too, given the chance to actualy get away with it

GeminiXXIVI So what the Hell was I doing?

GeminiXXIVI what did you expect?

FlirtingFilly000 well, i really thought that if we had the chance to be away from work-- even if we were still around other people-- that we would probably be all over each other. but thats not really how it happened, which is what surprised me.

GeminiXXIVI Were we so shocked that the opportunity was there and we didnt take it?

GeminiXXIVI After all, we still were in a store...

GeminiXXIVI but why werent we all over each other?

GeminiXXIVI Should I be kicking myself, or ...?

FlirtingFilly000 i dont know. we do more when were at work, where the risk of getting caught is.

FlirtingFilly000 why would you be kicking yourself?

GeminiXXIVI true.

GeminiXXIVI Because of an opportunity to do more and the fact that I/we didnt.

FlirtingFilly000 so i dont know why we didnt take advantage of being in a different place together where no one would have known the difference

GeminiXXIVI Any theories?

GeminiXXIVI Why didnt you do more?

GeminiXXIVI any ideas?

FlirtingFilly000 i dont know.....thats why im saying it was odd for us to be acting like that when we had a perfectly good opportunity to be all over each other

GeminiXXIVI Well, I cant figure my end out, really, but why didnt you attack me?

FlirtingFilly000 i dont know

FlirtingFilly000 you dont have any ideas?

GeminiXXIVI Only the thought that a lot of our co-workers go to marcs given the opportunity.

GeminiXXIVI Maybe I was still paranoid.

GeminiXXIVI but Im still not sure why I reached for your hand then.

GeminiXXIVI But you know what?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, maybe....but they wouldnt have thought any different if they wouldve seen us making out or holding hands, so i really dont think it was paranoia

FlirtingFilly000 what?

GeminiXXIVI I actually liked that, for a bit.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, me too

GeminiXXIVI I mean, I still want to jump all over you, and I did then, but I liked that small gesture.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah. it was....nice.

GeminiXXIVI So figure that one out.

FlirtingFilly000 the weird thing is, it just felt so natural to be doing that

GeminiXXIVI Yes, that Is kind of wierd.

GeminiXXIVI and it DID feel natural.

GeminiXXIVI But I wonder

GeminiXXIVI If it felt natural, why only hold hands on and off?

GeminiXXIVI Did you notice that too?

GeminiXXIVI Why not the whole time we were in there?

GeminiXXIVI Now my head is really spinning.

FlirtingFilly000 this is pretty confusing. what i do know is

FlirtingFilly000 i liked it

GeminiXXIVI Ok, maybe I shouldnt have brought this up.

GeminiXXIVI you did?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah. and why shouldnt you have brought it up?

FlirtingFilly000 if it was bothering you, then im glad you brought it up

GeminiXXIVI Well, it seems so different from our normal conversation.

GeminiXXIVI And it didnt bother me at all.

GeminiXXIVI Ive just been thinking about it.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i kinda have been too

GeminiXXIVI Yuo happen to float through my head a bit more often nowadays.

FlirtingFilly000 i know what you mean

GeminiXXIVI you do?

FlirtingFilly000 yep

GeminiXXIVI Well either way, we still really need to get together for some intense sex.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i think so too

GeminiXXIVI But know that the holding hands and walking, well, that would be something to look forward to as well.

GeminiXXIVI For me, at least.

FlirtingFilly000 i agree

GeminiXXIVI wtih which part?

FlirtingFilly000 well, all of it

FlirtingFilly000 usually when i walk away from you, im thinking damn i want him but the other day i was more like wow. that was really nice.

GeminiXXIVI I wanted to go home with you.

FlirtingFilly000 .but i still really want him.

GeminiXXIVI Well, wherever you were going, really.

FlirtingFilly000 that would have been great

GeminiXXIVI But I didnt want you to leave.

FlirtingFilly000 i didnt want to leave

GeminiXXIVI whats happening to us?

GeminiXXIVI are these....Feelings?

FlirtingFilly000 what do you think?

GeminiXXIVI I thought we were just in it for the no bullshit honesty and sex.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, that was the plan to begin with

GeminiXXIVI completely honest conversations, with a side of monkey love for fun.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....yep

GeminiXXIVI Now I really like seeing you, even for a minute, and I always look forward to the next time I see you, or the nighttime to talk with you online.

FlirtingFilly000 Im the same way

GeminiXXIVI So still with the no bullshit, yes?

FlirtingFilly000 yep

GeminiXXIVI so honestly, what do you think?

GeminiXXIVI ?

FlirtingFilly000 i dont know. i think maybe since we had to wait so long for the no-strings-sex we actually had to get to know each other. and i think we both found out that maybe we like eachother a little more than we initially thought

FlirtingFilly000 what are your feelings?

GeminiXXIVI Well, this may take a couple, so bear with.

FlirtingFilly000 ok

GeminiXXIVI First off, I think youre right about the waiting so long that, etc...

GeminiXXIVI So its possible that we have gone through already what most new couples (and I use that term only for reference) got through, when theyre politely talking and meeting waiting for the time that they can have sex.

GeminiXXIVI So while we were waiting for opportunity, it;s possible that we passed that stage up.

FlirtingFilly000 thats a good point

GeminiXXIVI Further, the simple gesture in the neighboring store had a larger effect on me than I thought possible, or even probable.

GeminiXXIVI That is, I didnt really think much of it, until I started to think about it.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, it was the same way for me

GeminiXXIVI Ok, thats the groundwork.

GeminiXXIVI Now into the meat and potatoes.

GeminiXXIVI Anyway,

GeminiXXIVI Ill start off with the basics.

GeminiXXIVI We already know that youre in a relationship that you dont want to be out of.

GeminiXXIVI However, this does not change the way Ive been thinking about you, or the feeling I get when I see you.

GeminiXXIVI Especially what I think about when I look at you.

GeminiXXIVI And we already know about the incredible age difference that we have, which makes the whole thing even a little stranger.

GeminiXXIVI However, there are the statements that women mature quicker than men, that a woman is as mature at 18 as a man is at 0....Hey, wait a minute...

GeminiXXIVI Ok, next point.

GeminiXXIVI Ive been waiting for the chance to get you into my bed, into my arms, for what, close to a month now?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, something like that

GeminiXXIVI And during that time, weve been talking about that, and a couple of other things.

GeminiXXIVI And when I talk to you, its pretty cool.

GeminiXXIVI I mean, I enjoy it.

FlirtingFilly000 i agree

FlirtingFilly000 me too

GeminiXXIVI There are few people that have conversations, without having their own personal slant, their own ways of manipulating and all of that shit in order to get something to benefit themselves.

GeminiXXIVI Now with us,

GeminiXXIVI Theres not much manipulating because were quite up front and honest about what we want from each other.

FlirtingFilly000 and thats a good thing, i think

GeminiXXIVI so, we can actually get on with the conversation without the need for the bullshit.

FlirtingFilly000 which is good

GeminiXXIVI no need to slant the conversation one way or another to get something out of it.

GeminiXXIVI We may fish for compliments occasionally, but as a whole, we get to the point and dont dance around subject.

GeminiXXIVI Complete no bullshit honesty.

FlirtingFilly000 right

GeminiXXIVI Which Is a good thing, something that most people dont even know about.

GeminiXXIVI No, back to the point at hand.

GeminiXXIVI Never, and I repeat never, have I had that with a member of the opposite sex.

GeminiXXIVI Theres always them manipulating the conversation for their benefit and then I notice it, so then I start manipulating right back.

GeminiXXIVI and then it goes in a circle.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i dont like to do that

GeminiXXIVI But as I said, we havent fallen into that circle.

GeminiXXIVI Which is why I like speaking to you so much.

GeminiXXIVI That, and the fact that youre pretty damn nice to look at, too.

GeminiXXIVI So, feelings?

FlirtingFilly000 thanks, and so are you

GeminiXXIVI Yeah, I guess that there are a couple that are coming to the surface.

GeminiXXIVI But I know the circumstances.

GeminiXXIVI So I like you, as a person, and gradually as a friend by my definition,

GeminiXXIVI And I really want to take you in my bed, for that monkey love and viagra test weve been talking about.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, im looking forward to that too

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXXIVI But I am not sure where the feelings aspect is going. I like the warmth that I get from it, but I worry as well.

GeminiXXIVI I dont want to make problems for the life you have and want to keep.

GeminiXXIVI But I somehow have noticed a liking for the small part that I play in it.

GeminiXXIVI The end.

FlirtingFilly000 bravo

GeminiXXIVI Gratzie.

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 that was well put

GeminiXXIVI thanks.

GeminiXXIVI You have no idea how many times I retyped some of it.

FlirtingFilly000 lol....i can imagine

GeminiXXIVI Ok, your turn.

FlirtingFilly000 ok.

GeminiXXIVI And dont just say, ditto. Ill smack you.

FlirtingFilly000 lol...i wont

FlirtingFilly000 i think in getting to know you as more than just someone I want to screw i found out that we have a lot in common, and that we have the same views on a lot of different things. and i started to like you as a friend, and then, now, im not really sure what i like you as. its kind of a combination of the previous, and a little more.

GeminiXXIVI So Im not someone you want to screw anymore?

FlirtingFilly000 oh, yeah, but its a combination of that and some other things

GeminiXXIVI such as?

FlirtingFilly000 what i just said someone i want to screw, a friend, and a little more

GeminiXXIVI Jeez, dont get so touchy.


FlirtingFilly000 lol

GeminiXXIVI On second thought, get as touchy as you want.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, i plan on it

FlirtingFilly000 so this little conversation of ours isnt gonna make anything weird, is it? (for you, i mean)

GeminiXXIVI wierd?

GeminiXXIVI The only difference is that my thoughts have been put into words. The thoughts were still there, remember.

FlirtingFilly000 i know

FlirtingFilly000 i just wanted to make sure you were ok with everything that was said

GeminiXXIVI The most important things havent changed any.

GeminiXXIVI Ok?

FlirtingFilly000 good

GeminiXXIVI I said most of it.

FlirtingFilly000 most?

GeminiXXIVI Have you been drastically altered or affected by what Ive said?

FlirtingFilly000 no. im just glad you told me how you were feeling.....we dont need to start bullshitting now

GeminiXXIVI I hadnt planned on it anyhow.

FlirtingFilly000 good

GeminiXXIVI Am I alone in this new perception of things?

FlirtingFilly000 of just everything in general that weve talked about?

GeminiXXIVI yes, and of the specifics, as well.

FlirtingFilly000 no, youre not alone. I agree with everything youve said.

GeminiXXIVI Now the question is

FlirtingFilly000 so, honestly, what do you think about everything?

GeminiXXIVI Do YOU feel wierd after reading my words?

FlirtingFilly000 not at all

GeminiXXIVI You have any idea how much I want to be with you right now?

GeminiXXIVI How much I want you?

FlirtingFilly000 probably almost as much as i want to be with you

GeminiXXIVI No, probably more.

FlirtingFilly000 i dont know about that

GeminiXXIVI I do.

FlirtingFilly000 you sound pretty confident about that

GeminiXXIVI And yes, Im pretty confident that I want you more than you want me right now.,

FlirtingFilly000 what makes you say that?

GeminiXXIVI Im physically aching right now I want you so much.

GeminiXXIVI Top that.

GeminiXXIVI Thats what I thought.

FlirtingFilly000 wow, i didnt quite know what to say there for a minute

FlirtingFilly000 that doesnt usaully happen

FlirtingFilly000 usually

GeminiXXIVI what, that youre at a loss for words?

FlirtingFilly000 yep

GeminiXXIVI So, I win?

FlirtingFilly000 for now........

GeminiXXIVI Wow, you admit that I win.

GeminiXXIVI Im impressed.

FlirtingFilly000 dont get too used to it

FlirtingFilly000 -)

GeminiXXIVI Face it, around me, you should get used to nd place.

GeminiXXIVI But oh, the things I can teach you.

FlirtingFilly000 oh, please.

GeminiXXIVI Seriously.

GeminiXXIVI The games people play for fun and sex.

GeminiXXIVI So I really left you without a response?

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, i couldnt really think of anything to say to that.

FlirtingFilly000 thats not something you hear everyday

GeminiXXIVI what were you thinking when you read it?

FlirtingFilly000 honestly, my first reaction was bullshit but i trust ya.

GeminiXXIVI ouch.

FlirtingFilly000 why ouch?

GeminiXXIVI your first reaction.

FlirtingFilly000 it wasnt anything against you, but thats just not something that im used to hearing, thats all

GeminiXXIVI Well, have you ever had to wait this long to be with anyone?

FlirtingFilly000 no, and its killing me

GeminiXXIVI So now you know that I was being honest.

FlirtingFilly000 i knew you were to begin with, it just took me by surprise at first, thats all

GeminiXXIVI Well, how do you feel about it?

FlirtingFilly000 about having to wait this long?

GeminiXXIVI yes

GeminiXXIVI And about what I actually said.

FlirtingFilly000 i hate it. at first it was kind of exciting, but now it drives me nuts that youre right there in front of me, but yet there is no way that i can do the things that i want to do

GeminiXXIVI I know the feeling.

GeminiXXIVI Especially since I know that you feel the same way.

FlirtingFilly000 yeah, that makes it difficult, doesnt it?

GeminiXXIVI even more so.

FlirtingFilly000 wow...its almost 1

GeminiXXIVI Yep.

FlirtingFilly000 you have to open tomorrow

GeminiXXIVI Go to bed.

GeminiXXIVI Yes, and you have class.

FlirtingFilly000 and i have to get up at 50

GeminiXXIVI And this time, you used the esp.

GeminiXXIVI I was thinking that I ad to open.

GeminiXXIVI congrats.

GeminiXXIVI This time, it was all you.

FlirtingFilly000 go me

FlirtingFilly000 thanks

FlirtingFilly000 ok, you get some sleep, sexy

GeminiXXIVI Sleep well,

FlirtingFilly000 you too

GeminiXXIVI Ok, now youre getting good at it.

FlirtingFilly000 well, what can i say

GeminiXXIVI Ill see you tomorrow.

FlirtingFilly000 lol

FlirtingFilly000 i cant wait

GeminiXXIVI Neither can I.

GeminiXXIVI Good night.

FlirtingFilly000 goodnight.

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